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10 things to do in Halkidiki this summer

10 things to do in Halkidiki this summer

Are you planning to visit Halkidiki this summer? In this blog post, you will find 10 things you can do in Halkidiki and you will have the holidays of your life. Whether you come for the first time or you’ve visited Halkidiki again, there are things that will surely fill your vacations.

  1. Let's start with the most basic things. One of the things you should do in Halkidiki is to relax on the beach until the sunset. Enjoy the turquoise waters, the sun and the beautiful scenery, but also have fun while drinking a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar. Whether you prefer something relaxing and a beach without crowd, whether you like parties and have fun at a beach bar, you can find everything you want in Halkidiki. Some of the beaches worth visiting are KavourotrypesAfitos and Sarti.
  2. If you like sea and want to explore the seabed, then scuba diving is for you. The "Blue" Diving Center in Nea Potidea offers diving lessons. You can do your first underwater contact in diving with us or you can start immediately with the programs-schools of PADI organization and enlarge your knowledge’s in Scuba Diving. It’s an experience that will be unforgettable for you.
  3. If you are interested in celebrations, festivals and events in general, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to attend one of them. A traditional Greek evening is something special that is worth experiencing. Music, combined with food and dancing, will create beautiful emotions. You can find more information about feasts and festivals in Halkidiki, here or at the corresponding blog post.
  4. Tasty food at a tavern next to the sea, is something you have to add to your bucket list. Halkidiki is known for the beautiful taverns by the sea. There are many choices for you and you can find what suits you best. Especially if you like seafood, they fit perfectly with the scenery. You should also try some of the traditional products of Halkidiki. Such as various cheese products, wines, honey and the most famous of all, the green olives and oil produced in the region. Read more about these here.
  5. Apart from the seafood, a typical Greek food is also souvlaki. In the square of Nea Fokea village, you can enjoy the most delicious food at the most suitable setting. The image of the traditional village, with its narrow streets and pavements, combined with the flavors that you will enjoy, will compensate you.
  6. If you are interested in religious tourism, you should visit some churches, monasteries and chapels in the area. It is worth visiting, as the environment in which they are located and the road that leads to them, is enchanting. Especially in Mount Athos, monasteries are a treasure for the religious heritage of Greece. Read the relevant blog post about religious tourism in Halkidiki to find more information.
  7. As far as evening entertainment in Halkidiki is concerned, a great choice is the area of ​​Sani. There is a wide variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, etc., for all tastes and for every hour. The cosmopolitan environment, as well as the harbor with boats and the beautiful view, is something that will complement your journey.
  8. If you are more interested in parties and clubs, you can attend an opening. The most famous beach bars of Halkidiki, inaugurate every new summer season, with fantastic parties and famous DJs. There are also many clubs that are open until the morning. Most of them are located in Kallithea, Halkidiki.
  9. One more modern and interesting option is the spa. In many hotel units, there is the possibility of having a spa and relax. It is something that will complete your vacation and provide you with physical and mental wellness.
  10. Finally, you can visit one of the islands of Halkidiki, such as Ammouliani, Diaporos, etc. You can access them with small boats, which you can rent or with ships that make scheduled trips to the islands. In this way, you can see a different side of Halkidiki. The one that reminds you more of a Greek island.

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Plaja Platanitsi

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