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Live Traffic in Halkidiki

Live Traffic in Halkidiki

During the hot summer period, it is usual that on Fridays evening and Saturdays morning there is high traffic and usual a traffic jam on the road from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki that could be a nightmare for you. The same situation happens on the road back to Thessaloniki on Sundays evening.

Below you can find a live traffic map.

  • With red line the roads with a high traffic and/or traffic jam. Try to avoid this route!
  • With orange line are the roads with a medium to high traffic.
  • With green line are the roads that are free of traffic jam. No problem, go on.

There are alternative roads that you can use in case of a traffic jam, so be sure to check this map before you drive.

Погода в Халкидики

Погода в Халкидики

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