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7-day motor yacht cruise to Sporades Islands from Halkidiki

7-day motor yacht cruise to Sporades Islands from Halkidiki

Private Experience From 1199 € / day

Private motor yacht holidays to Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos in north Aegean sea. 
Visit this magnificent marine park and discover wild underwater life. Watch the seals in their caves, swim with the dolphins and enjoy snorkeling in crystal clear blue waters.

Saturday to Friday, round trip approx. 200 miles

Day 1
Leaving from Ormos Panagias, going to Porto Koufo. Approx. 35 miles.Stop for swimming on the way. One night’s stay in Porto Koufo. Dinner (not included in trip’ s price) at a local tavern.

Day 2
From Porto Koufo to Skopelos island. Approx. 50 miles. Stop for swimming on the way. Docking to island’ s main port, Chora, where bars and restaurants for every taste are waiting to please you all night long.

Day 3
From Skopelos port to Panormos bay for swimming and anchoring for the night to this circular all weather protected bay. 
Approx 15 miles.

Day 4
From Panormos bay to Skantzoura island for swimming and anchoring for one night.
Approx. 25 miles.
THE BEST ONE of all magical places in Sporades.
Total silence, exploding smells of thyme and aromatic herbs, cold and blue crystal clear Aegean waters, combined with sun or moon right above you, will leave you breathless.
Night in Skantzoura is an experience someone MUST LIVE at least once in lifetime.
Dinner (not included in trip’s price) under the moonlight  must take place on board due to mooring away of any facilities.

Day 5
From Skantzoura to Steni Valla port in Alonissos island, favorite place of Mediterranean seals. Approx. 35 miles. Stop for swimming on the way. At Steni Valla there are exceptional restaurants with fresh fish and delicious starter plates. From here you can visit by TAXI the main village of Alonissos, Chora, which is high up located and has a breathtaking view.

Day 6
From Steni Valla to Kyra Panagia island. Approx. 10 miles. Anchorage at Agios Petros. Another beautiful anchoring bay, similar to Skantzoura but larger with extraordinary surrounding landscape. Last stop before turning back to start point.
Dinner (not included in trip’s price) must also take place on board due to mooring away of any facilities.

Day 7
From Kyra Panagia to Ormos Panagias. Marina Latoura.
Approx. 40 miles.
Stop for swimming on the way, enjoying the last hours of this exiting journey.

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