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Галатиста Халкидики

Галатиста Халкидики

Galatista is a traditional town, situated at the municipality of Polygyros and it has about 2500 inhabitants. It is located approximately 40 klm from the center of Thessaloniki and 28 from Poligyros. Actually, it is situated at the foot of the mountain of Prophet Elias. The mountainous Halkidiki is not widespread in the tourist audience although in recent years many effords have become for this purpose. Galatista is definitely an area which deserves to be visited any time of year.

This town has great historical interest since it has several churches and mansions. The most famous and the main attraction there,is the Byzantine tower. It dates from the Venetian period and it is connected with the Mount Athos. Possibly, it was used for the storage of water of the area. A clue for this is that two water mills were discovered in the immediate vicinity. According to various speculations and myths, for several years, it was the home of Queen Galatea and her husband. Queen Galatea gave her name to the town.

The tower can be visited on request or specific seasons of the year and it is the unique archaeological attraction of Galatista which is opened to the public.

Galatista has no accommodation facilities but it is ideal for day excursions. If you visit it,do not forget to taste traditional meals and wander through the alleys.

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