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Travelling with your pet

Travelling with your pet

Do you have a pet and you want to take it with you on vacation? Are you tired of asking people to take care of your pet, every time you have to leave home for several days? Now your concerns are gone. You can take it with you and you don't have to worry about anything. Read below and learn everything you need to be careful, in order to relax and enjoy your vacation.

On the journey:

If you are planning to travel with your pet, the first thing you have to do is to get informed. If your trip is abroad, then it is necessary to go to the vet and he should inform you of the documents you need.  In general, the pet should have an electronic chip, an animal passport, a health booklet, and you have to make some necessary vaccinations. For passage within the country the passport of the animal is not necessary.

Travel by car: For safety reasons, both of the pet and the driver, it's suitable to put on the pet a safety belt. There are special bands for pets in many different sizes. Also avoid water and food about 2 hours before the trip, for your pets health.

Τravel by plane: All airlines provide transportation for pets. There are special transport cages, but of course the terms and regulations must be observed. The terms and regulations differ from airline to airline and the airplane type also matters. It's a good idea to contact with the airline for more and specific details.


The number of hotels accepting pets is constantly increasing and some of them don't even make extra charges. So you will definitely find a great choice for both you and your pet.

Legislation for pets on the beach:

Regarding to the issue of pets on the beach, there is a specific legal framework. According to article 230 par. 1g of the General Regulation of the Port in Greece:

"The domestic animal bathing in Greek seas is forbidden in bathers' places. The existence of bathers in a marine area is a prerequisite for the designation of this area as bathers' place.

In the case of the owner walking at the beach (where bathers are not present at the time)with the  pet or he is swimming with it, the owner doesn't commit an offense.

But if the bathers come to the same place, the owner must either remove it from that location or keep it secured away from the bathers so it doesn't harass them, in order to avoid committing the abovementioned offense! "

In general, the presence of pets on the beaches is not the problem. The problem is swimming. It is allowed to have a pet walk on the beach as long as your pet is accompanied, tied so that it doesn't bother the bathers and you have your pet's health booklet with you. Also, the pet is allowed to bathe in the sea on remote and more deserted beaches without bathers. Even if there are a few bathers and someone starts complaining, you have to take it out of the sea.

Have a good trip!

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