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The Aristotle Park

The Aristotle Park

The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, is a great philosopher and also a great scientist. His personality has been distinguished in the ancient history of Greece and his writings have illuminated the field of Physics and science in general. He was born in 384 BC, in the area of ​​Stagira in Halkidiki. He didn't live a long time there, but the next generations, made sure to show off his work in a many ways.

In 2003, they created a theme park, called "Grove of Aristotle". This park is very interesting, as it includes many experimental physics instruments, that operate based of physics laws. Laws that are refered at Aristotle's writings and especially at his work called "Physics".

In front of every experimental exhibit, there is a corresponding sign, that informs people and gives them instructions on how to use them. Among various experimental instruments, we find the compass, the solar watch, the hydro-turbine, the optical discs and more. Through the interactive game, visitors learn in an easy and pleasant way about various Physics phenomena.

Of course, a visit to the Grove of Aristotle, besides interesting, is also very beautiful, as far as the environment is concerned. Nature is rich and the view is amazing. There are two telescopes in the Park, where you can admire this wonderful landscape. From these telescopes, the bay of Ierissos and Mount Athos are visible.

In addition, in the Park, there is also a cafe-restaurant with great view, where you can enjoy your coffee quietly and even eat something. So you can combine learning, with a beautiful escape next to nature and of course near the sea.

This place is another proof of the rich history that exists in Halkidiki and shows us that, apart from the wonderful natural landscape, there is also important culture.

This park is located 104 km from Thessaloniki and the shortest way to go there is through Arnea. In fact, it is located just before the village Stagira in Halkidiki, where the statue of Aristotle is located. Each year, thousands of students and tourists visit this theme park and it is definitely worth visiting!

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