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How to spend a day as a Greek at the first peninsula of Halkidiki

How to spend a day as a Greek at the first peninsula of Halkidiki

Do you want to spend a day as a Greek would? Read this blog post and find out all the secrets on how to spend a day that you will never forget. Because Greeks know how to have fun!

First of all, you can start your day with breakfast. You should definitely try bougatsa. Bougatsa with cream is a classic choice, but if you like salty food, you should try bougatsa with cheese. If you can’t decide, you should ask for half-a-half and try them out both!

Of course, when summer comes, a Greek and especially someone from the North part of Greece, will definitely visit Halkidiki. Even just for a day. The first peninsula of Halkidiki is closer to Thessaloniki and it is the most cosmopolitan one. You can visit Glarokavos or Paliouri if you want to relax at a beach bar and “melt” for hours on the beach. You can relax on the sunbed and of course enjoy a frozen frape. A little backgammon to get entertained and don’t forget the sunscreen. We want to have fun, not to become grilled chickens.

At noon you should visit an ouzo-delicacy restaurant, for some ouzo combined with delicious ouzo meze. Sardines, squid, octopus and mussels are some of the most famous ouzomezes you will love. If you are still hungry after the meze, you can try souvlaki with tzatziki.

After lunch, a little rest is needed and in the afternoon-evening a romantic walk at the picturesque alleys of Afitos, is the perfect choice. You can enjoy the wonderful view of the village and also drink something refreshing in one of the cafes on the cliff overlooking the sea.

Of course the day isn’t complete if you don’t go to Kallithea at night. All clubs in Halkidiki are in Kallithea and every night, in the summer months, they are crowded. If you plan to go, make sure you go there a little bit early, in order to get into the club, because all the people that visit Halkidiki, go to Kallithea at night, to have fun at the clubs. Attention, the person who drives, doesn’t drink. It may sound obvious, but sometimes it is not ..

So that was the guide of how to spend a day as a Greek at the first peninsula of Halkidiki. If you want to find more information about the beaches on the first peninsulabeach barsvarious restaurants and clubs you can see the relevant links.

Have fun!

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