Halki̇di̇ki̇ Gezi̇ Rehberi̇.

Halkidiki’de Yatla Tâtil

Halkidiki’de Yatla Tâtil

Deneyimlerimiz ve hizmetler ağıyla, davetkar Ege Denizi'nin sihirli suları ile yelken keyfini çıkarmak için bareboat, kaptanlı ve tamamen mürettebatlı charter kiralamayı yapmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz. En iyi fiyatla erken rezervasyon yapın ve özel tekliflerimizden yararlanın. Yunan adaları ve denizlerinin pitoresk, altın kumsalları ve kristal suları kesinlikle sizi etkileyecek!

Kişisel ve iş yelken etkinliklerinizi şık bir şekilde organize ediyoruz! Ekip oluşturma tatillerini planlama, teşvik ve ödüller için şirket gezileri ve düğün, balayı ve diğer özel etkinliklerin benzersiz anları için kişisel yelken gezileri planlama konusunda deneyimli. Hizmet yelpazemiz çeşitli seçenekler sunabilir ve gerektiğinde esnek olabilir, sadece ihtiyaçlarınızı bize bildirin ve gerisini planlayacağız!

Halkidiki'de Tam Gün Yelken Gezisi

Up to 8 persons Private Experience 550 €

Halkidiki'nin büyülü sahillerine bir günlük yelken gezisi yaşayın.

Önerilen saatler: 11: 00-19: 00

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Halkidiki'de yelkenli teknesi ile yarım günlük gezi

Up to 8 persons Private experience 370 €

Halkidiki'nin büyülü sahillerine yarım günlük yelken gezisi yaşayın.

Önerilen saatler: 10:00-14:00 / 15:00-19:00

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Halkidiki'de çok günlük yelken gezisi

Up to 9 persons Private experience from 1650 € per week

Tam bir yelken deneyimi yaşayın ve tüm Halkidiki, Kassandra, Sithonia ve Athos Dağı'nı keşfedin.

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Sporades adalarına haftalık yelken gezisi

Up to 10 persons Private experience from 1650 € per week

Tam bir yelken deneyimi yaşayın ve Sporades Adaları, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos'u keşfedebilirsiniz.

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Sailing trips suggestions

We planned several 7 day trips for your vacation in the North Aegean. The criteria for these courses are: DifficultyDistancesFun & Natural Beauty.

Trip 1: Tour of Halkidiki which includes Kassandra - Sithonia

We will be visiting various beaches and beach bars of Halkidiki, famous for their nightlife and daytime parties. Travelling in secure bays, always close to the shore, with relative ease. The local winds are usually 12-15 knots, ideal for sailing practice.

Trip 2: Sithonia - Amouliani island - Mount Athos

This is a more comfortable route, providing ample time for relaxation in the sandy beaches of the peninsula, as well as a chance to visit the many small islands of the region. The relative seclusion of the bay provides a swift sail through the area, under the usual soft breeze of 4-5 beauford. One of the days of the trip can be spent visiting Mount Athos, to observe the ancient orthodox monasteries, that stand watch over the bay for millennia. This last part covers over 40 miles of breathtaking view.

Trip 3: Halkidiki - Alonnisos (National Sea Park) - Skopelos - Skiathos

This route covers every aspect of the summer experience in Greece. It provides the travel in the open sea, under the almost constant North East or west wind of 4 to 6 beauford, while at the same time gives the chance to relax at the cosmopolitan island complex, renowned for it’s beaches, natural inland beauty and nightlife. Each of the stops along the National Sea Park of Alonnisos can captivate the observer with it’s natural beauty and tranquility, whereas the beach bars and nightlife of Skiathos and Skopelos islands will fill your nights and complete the experience.

Trip 4: Halkidiki-Lemnos island - S. Eustratios island

A true sailor’s challenge. You will travel in the legendary waters of the North Aegean where the wind is usually blowing North East and in several cases reaching 4-6 beauford during specific periods (end of July-mid Aug) . The sea here is the most unpredictable in all of Greece. We choose sights under the following rules: safety, beauty and entertainment. The areas provide a combination of secure, tranquil spots, as well as the intense nightlife, apparent in all of the Greek islands during this season. A region  few have visited, but all can appreciate.

Trip 5: Halkidiki - Pelion - Sporades - N.Evia

You will travel in the open North West part of the Aegean Sea. The local wind usually blows North East or west and in several cases reaches 6 beauford. Besides the island complex of Skiathos and Skopelos, this is a chance to visit the mainland coastal Greece, famous for it’s idyllic locations, verdant secluded beaches, local cuisine and warm welcoming residents.

Extra Services

During a sailing trip we can provide a variety of special events such as:

  • Scuba diving - water sports (not included in price)
  • Sailing lessons. If more than 2 boats, racing challenges
  • Beach parties at beach bars or alone
  • Experience lobster fishing and fishing in general
  • Archeological and historical tour in famous places of Greek history
  • Experience traditional fairs in Greek islands


Price list for sailing yachts SUMMER 2019

Cabins Year 01/1- 27/4
2/11 - 31/12
27/4 - 25/5
12/10 - 2/11
27/7-17/8 DEPOSIT
OCEANIS 43 4 2008 1800€/week 2400€/week
4200€/week 2000 €
VAN DER STADT 42 3 2004 1200€/week 1550€/week 1850€/week 2000€/week 2300€/week 1500 €
VAN DER STADT 42 3 2004 1200€/week 1550€/week 1850€/week 2000€/week 2300€/week 1500 €


Included In The Price for Week Charter


  • Insurance of the yacht against damages to the hull, the equipment and civil responsibility against 3rd party up to 530.000 €
  • Kitchen gas, motor oil and lubricants
  • Clean linen, towels and blankets
  • Full assistance at embarkation and sailing information for the area
  • All taxes

What Is Not Included In The Price for Week Charter

  • Skipper  €150 per day
  • Hostess €140 per day
  • Cook €150  per day
  • Food, drinks and other provisions (unless service is chosen)
  • Diesel fuel and water consumption during your sailing holidays
  • The boat is delivered in good appearance and working condition
  • Transportation to and from port
  • Outboard for dinghy € 100/week
  • Cleaning fee 150 € - 200 € (CAT)
  • Discounts:
  • 10% for early booking until 31/12
  • 5% for 2 weeks or more


    Halkidiki'deki popüler plajlar
  • Sarti Sâhili
  • Platanitsi Sâhili
  • Yeni Potidaia Sâhili
  • Afytos Sâhili
  • Akti Koviou Sâhili

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