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New record: 52 beaches awarded with blue flag in Halkidiki

On Wednesday 25th May 2016, the official award ceremony of the program “blue flag” took place. This ceremony awards the best beaches and marinas all over the world. For the first time in the history of this event, the ceremony took place in Chalkidiki and specifically in Sithonia (Porto Carras hotel). This thing is something very different since, until now, the awards carried out through a press release from the headquarters of the program, which are located in Denmark.

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The tomb of Aristoteles in Olympiada

After investigations of many years, the discovery of the tomb of the leading philosopher Aristotle was achieved in Stagira, and particularly in the current region of Olympiada. The official announcements were made at the conference 2400 years Aristotle (384- 322 p. X.) ιn Thessaloniki which happened to coincide, with the the presence of many archaeologists and admirers of Aristotle worldwide. There may be no evidence but serious indications and documents were presented and thats why excitement is caused in the archeological, and not only, community. Of course, an evidence was the fact that the ashes of the ancient philosopher were discovered in the building.

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Top 5 beaches in Halkidiki

In 2015, HalkidikiTravel organized a vote through which it called its guests to show off the best beaches in Halkidiki. According to the results, the five best beaches are Agios Ioannis, Vourvourou, Kavourotripes, Akti Elias and Sani on the particular sequence. The survey involved 482 people.

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President's Putin visit to Mount Athos for second time

The russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Mount Athos for second time as part of a two-day visit to Greece. The purpose of this visit was the pilgrimage and the motivation for it was the events which took place for the 1000 years of Russian monks in Athos. For his movements, there were 3 similar armored vehicles, the one was in a specially guarded space at Macedonia airport of Thessaloniki and the other two in Karyes.

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Win a FREE FlyBoard Experience in Halkidiki

HalkidikiTravel and Wild Wave Riders, offer you the opportunity to win a free FlyBoard experience in Polichrono, Halkidiki.
Follow the steps and maybe you could be the winner!

Win a FlyBoard experience in Halkidiki

Terms of Competition:
-Users must be at least 18 years old.
-All actions above are mandatory in order to take part in our competition.
-The competition will be active from 19/05/2016 until 10/06/2016
-The winner will be randomly chosen on 11/06/2016 and will be announced on our social networks
-You can claim your prize from 11 June 2016 to 30 June 2016 by arrangement for a specific day and time
-The winner has to contact us within 24 hours otherwise we will proceed on a new random selection.

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Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

In May 2016, a major tourist investment will take place in the area Canistro in Halkidiki. Ii will be a hotel complex which will be named Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. It will cost at least120 million euros.The complex will include several expensive services and facilities of high standards.


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Природные елки Таксиархиса

Таксиархис Халкидики это деревня посвященная выращиванию пихты для елки. Каждый год более 50000 природных елок, поставляемых из региона Cholomontas и в основном отсюда .

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