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Swimming Crossing of Toroneos Gulf and Siviria

A great event that is taking place in Halkidiki for many years is the Swimming Crossing of Toroneos Gulf. It is one of the most difficult, yet impressive, swimming marathons in Greece. Athletes have to swim 26km from Kallithea Kassandra to Nikiti Sithonia, through Toroneos Gulf. In order to participate, you have to be a swimmer, that has completed at least a 5 km swimming race in the past.

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Religious tourism in North Greece and Halkidiki Region

Except for the beautiful beaches and enchanting locations, Halkidiki has also a religious interest. Religious tourism is a sector of tourism that we do not give as much attention as it's needed.
If someone intends to visit Halkidiki and he is interested in religious tourism, then it would be a good idea to take a tour of Halkidiki and Northern Greece. Visit Meteora, Mount Athos or follow the Steps of the Apostle Paul.

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Greek words and phrases that will help you at your travel

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Visiting Halkidiki? Here is what you need to take with.

As the weather warms up, the need for each of us for a vacation becomes greater and greater. Undoubtedly, many of you have already begun preparing suitcases. And as long as the big dilemmas like the dilemma of "mountain or sea" remain unsolved, the ideal would be to avoid unnecessary processes and thoughts in order to enjoy the waiting to the maximum. What are the necessary things that everyone must have in his suitcase? How will you miss nothing without carrying your entire household together with you? This article will help you organize your things appropriately, without exaggerations and at the same time, without shortcomings.

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Enigma Shopping Center in Moudania Halkidiki

Since the last days of April, in Halkidiki, Enigma shopping mall has opened its doors to the consumer audience, after the glorious inauguration which took place with the presence of several representatives of the political and business world of Macedonia. It is belonging to the Mouzhenidis Group, and it is without any doubt one of the largest investments in recent years in the wider area. Specifically, it is located close to Nea Moudania and occupies an area of around 3500 square meters, at a nodal point between Kassandra and Sithonia.

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71 beaches with Blue flags in Halkidiki for 2017!

Greece has also managed to distinguish this year for its crystal clear beaches and coasts in a worldwide level. In particular, it won the second place, with 486 award-winning shores, competing with 47 countries which participated in the program.
Halkidiki has contributed greatly to the top ranking of our country, since 71 beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flag belongs to Halkidiki.

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Medizintourismus in Chalkidiki

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations. In recent years, as worldwide, in our country has begun to bloom a different approach to tourism. Nowadays, many patients choose to go to another country to combine their holidays with the receipt of medical assistance. Also, by this way they relax and revitalize after or during their treatment.

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