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Useful Info About Mount Athos Visitors

Useful Info About Mount Athos Visitors

If you chose to visit Mount Athos (Holy Mountain) then please have a look on the information which follow.

You can travel to Aghion Oros (Holy Mountain in greek) only by boat. There is no road route. The connection is serviced by two ports. The one ofIerissos and the one of Ouranoupolis. Most of visitors choose to sail from the port located in Ouranoupolis in order to avoid any bad weather which is more often in the port of Ierissos.

Be aware that you MUST have been issued with all the necessary papers in order to enter Aghion Oros. For this reason please call first the Pilgrims Office in Thessaloniki on the telephone number +30 2310 252575. This Office is in charge and able to provide you a paper called "Diamonitirion" which is an official document issued by the Holy Supervision and ensures that you will stay maximum of three to four days.

Possible data that will be required is your name (First Name and Family Name), your fathers name, your year of birth and your social security number with the issuing authority. You will need also your official travel documents.

After you will be able to contact any monasteries you are interested to visit in order to arrange your stating.

The paper you mentioned before the "Diamonitirion" you are able to collect it from the Pilgrims Office in Ouranoupoli the day you will travel to Aghion Oros from 8:00 to 9:30 am always by showing your official id.

Don't forget your to have with you your camera and photograph machines.

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