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The nearest airport in Halkidiki is Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport. It is located approximately 50 km away from the first villages of Halkidiki. If you travel to Halkidiki by plane you should secure a rented car (rent a car) in order to drive to Halkidiki and for visiting it’s beautiful beaches.

There are almost daily flights to Macedonia Airport (either directly or through correspondence) from the most European cities. During the summer season there are dozens of charter flights serving guests.

In the form below, you can search and compare airline flights in order to select the best and most economical.

  • Lagomandra Beach
  • Psakoudia Beach
  • Porto Koufo Beach
  • Kallithea Beach
  • Armenistis Beach

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Das Wetter in Chalkidiki

Das Wetter in Chalkidiki

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