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Halkidiki is a tourist place where you will find luxury hotelssmall hotelsrooms to let and villas, which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding visitor.

Inside the webpages of HalkidikiTravel in the sections of the areas of KassandraSithoniaAthos Peninsula, and North Halkidiki, where all the villages are being presented with details, you will find our suggestions for your stay.

However, you can search also in the form below the accommodations in the area, compare prices and read reviews of other guests.

Halkidiki is the most crowded destination in Northern Greece and every year millions of tourists visit this place for their holidays. If you have decided that you will visit Halkidiki this summer, immediately make your bookings as prices rise and your optionsarereduced day by day!
  • Azapiko Beach
  • Platanitsi Beach
  • Sykia Beach
  • Vourvourou Beach
  • Siviri Beach

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Das Wetter in Chalkidiki

Das Wetter in Chalkidiki

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