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Kalives Halkidiki

Kalives Halkidiki

Information about Kalives Poligirou, Halkidiki

Kalyves of Polygyros is a large tourist settlement south of Polygyros, located between the first and second peninsula of Halkidiki. It lies 60 km away Thessaloniki airport and the coast is extending over more than 5 km and reaches down to the beach of Gerakini. The area experienced a great tourist development during the recent years as there were constructed luxury tourist units.

Many tourists visit each year Kalyves of Polygyros and choose for their accommodation budget hotels and lodgings. We suggest you to choose theKalives Resort located just 350 meters from the beach, but also have a look at Alkinoos Beach Hotel near Gerakini.


In the area was the ancient city Mykiverna, which was the port of ancient Olynthos and the prehistoric settlement Molyvopyrgos as well.

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Haniotis Halkidiki

Haniotis Halkidiki

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