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About HalkidikiTravel

About HalkidikiTravel

HalkidikiTravel is an online booking request system specifically designed for Halkidiki. The most crowded summer destination in Northern Greece.

People of all ages choose Halkidiki as their destination in order to relax, party all day and night or even visit well known religious sightseeings.

Our platform provides an easy way of finding the hot spots during the summer but, as a few know about it, also during the winter. Where to stay, what to do, what to see are only a few every years visitor's question that are answered and presented to our website in a user-friendly categorization and design. When it comes to Internet services we believe that products should be made usable for people who aren't so familiar with new Technologies.

We consider Halkidiki's visitor's needs as our priority. So we provide you points of interest in map. Easily find what you need from hospitals, health centers, police stations, banks, etc.


Your opinion for our services is what matters for us at the end of the day. Do not hesitate and send your feedback using our contact form. Maybe something is missing. Maybe something is not working in a way that you wanted it to be working. Maybe your business needs more. We are here to make your life easier.


    Popular beaches in Halkidiki
  • Glarokavos Beach
  • Armenistis Beach
  • Fourka Beach
  • Ampelos Beach
  • Ormos Panagias Beach

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Weather in Halkidiki

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