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Sea Kayak Halkidiki

Sea Kayak Halkidiki

"Gallery Sea Kayak Halkidiki"

Sea Kayak Halkidiki is based in the second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia, and in particular on the picturesque resort of Vourvourou.

The region offers a unique combination of sea with characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with thick forests and 9 unique islands, making it an ideal destination for summer vacations.

Sea Kayak Halkidiki offers guided day-trips, starting from May through to the end of October. The sea kayak daily trips provide a perfect opportunity to paddle the crystal blue waters around Diaporos island, the largest of the 9 islands which is located across the bay, where you can swim and snorkel on some of the most beautiful and remote beaches of Halkidiki, like Krifto, Mirsini & Galazia Nera.

E-mail: seakayakhalkidiki (at), Mobile: +30 6945 23 56 86


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