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Trip to Loutra Pozar

Trip to Loutra Pozar

The spa Pozar or “Loutraki” is one of the more well known destinations in Pella. It is 100 klm away from Thessaloniki and just 13 klm from the town of Aridaia. It is located in a beautiful, green landscape at the foot of the Mount Kaimaktsalan, offering you a calm vacation amongst nature. In spa, there is a big variety of hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, cafe and lockers, while in the village of Loutraki you will find everything else you may need for a cozy and comfortable stay.

The thermal springs gush at an altitude of 360-390 meters and created by rainwater. Thermal baths help you to improve your body condition and they have therapeutic indications for the following diseases:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Arthritis

  • chronic arthritis

  • gallstones

  • nephrolithiasis

  • Infections of blood pathways

  • Gynecological / urological problems

  • eczema

During your stay, you can take part in several activities like climbing at gorges and hiking as there are properly designed bribges.The landscape with waterfalls and lush vegetation are ideal for naturalistic excursions.

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