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71 beaches with Blue flags in Halkidiki for 2017!

71 beaches with Blue flags in Halkidiki for 2017!

Greece has also managed to distinguish this year for its crystal clear beaches and coasts in a worldwide level. In particular, it won the second place, with 486 award-winning shores, competing with 47 countries which participated in the program. Halkidiki has contributed greatly to the top ranking of our country, since 71 beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flag belongs to Halkidiki.

A few words about the prize:
The Blue Flag is a quality symbol which is awarded on organized coasts and marinas following strict controls and taking into account many and rigorous criteria. Accurately, 29 criteria, which include not only the sea water, but also cleanliness, organization, information , the safety of bathers and visitors and the protection of the coastal and the environment. Based on the above, it is easy to understand how the value and credibility of such a distinction increases sharply. In fact, we are talking about a voluntary program which is a model environmental action and it is attributed at coasts which are flooded by a large number of bathers.
The International Program Manager is the Foundation for Environmental Education.

The beaches that stand out in Halkidiki are:

Municipality of Aristotle [16]:

  • Ierissos / Municipal 1 (Camping Ierissos)
  • Ierissos / Municipal 2 (gazebo 2)
  • Ierissos / Municipal 3 (Beach Bar Reload)
  • Kaboudi 1 (Ouranoupoli Coast)
  • Kamboudi 2 (Theoxenia)
  • Kamboudi 3 (Akrathos)
  • Ouranoupolis 1 (Xenia Ouranoupolis)
  • Ouranoupolis 2 (Eagles Palace)
  • Ouranoupolis 3 (Aristoteles)
  • Agios Pavlos (Alexandros Palace Hotel)
  • Porto Agio (Agionissi Resort)
  • Nea Roda 2 (Beach Bar Xerxes)
  • Stratoni (Beach Bar Paraty)
  • Campos Pyrgadikia (Beach Bar Coco Ammos)
  • Olympiada
  • Alykes

Municipality of Sithonia [14]:

  • Sarti 1
  • Sykia
  • Toroni
  • Nikiti 2
  • Platanitsi
  • Porto Carras 1 (Kohi)
  • Porto Carras 2 (Sithonia Meliton)
  • Olive 2 (Anthemus)
  • Long Lagada (Porfi Beach)
  • Lagomandra (Lagomandra Beach Hotel)
  • Paradise
  • Livrohio 1
  • Marmaras
  • Armenistis

Municipality of Kassandra [21]:

  • Kriopigi 2 (Alexander The Great Beach Hotel)
  • Kryopigi 4 (Kassandra Palace)
  • Fourka
  • Polychrono 3
  • Hanioti 1
  • Hanioti 3 (Grecotel Pella Beach)
  • Sani 2 (Sani Beach)
  • Sani 3 (Sani Club)
  • Sani Dunes
  • Sani Asterias
  • Canister (Miraggio)
  • Elani (Elani Bay Resort)
  • Furka (Olympion Sunset)
  • Kalithea (Ammon Zefs)
  • Kallithea - Municipal Refreshment
  • Pefkohori - Fyki Beach
  • Possidi Center
  • Siviri Center
  • Possidi - Aigaiopelagitika
  • Agia Paraskevi Baths
  • Polychrono - Cocones Beach

Municipality of Polygyros [2]:

  • Sargani (Blue Dolphin)
  • Gerakini (Ikos Olivia)

Municipality of Nea Propontida [18]:

  • Eleonas (Ikos Oceania)
  • Nea Potidea (Portes Beach)
  • Nea Potidea - East Toronaios Canal
  • Sozopoli (Nautilus)
  • Sozopol Center
  • Vergia
  • Mykoniatika
  • Nea Kallikratia
  • Nea Iraklia
  • Nea Iraklia - Sahara
  • Agios Mamas
  • Flogita
  • Portaria
  • Dionysiou
  • Nea Plagia
  • Triglia
  • Nea Potidea Propontida
  • Nea Moudania

Marinas which are awarded in Halkidiki:

Municipality of Sithonia

  • Marina Porto Carras
  • Municipality of Kassandra
  • Marina Sani
  • Marina Miraggio

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