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Buses and internal transportation to Halkidiki

Buses and internal transportation to Halkidiki

Are you planning to visit beautiful Halkidiki, but you don't know how you can go and move around during your stay? You don't have to worry, as in this article all your questions will be answered.


By airplane, if you come from abroad. "Macedonia Airport", located in Thessaloniki, serves tourists traveling by air to Halkidiki. From Thessaloniki, you can rent a car or take the bus to Halkidiki. The bus is called KTEL Halkidiki.


Access to Halkidiki can be by car. It is the best way to travel internally, as you can easily move around and explore the area. If you don't want or can't get your own car, you can rent one. For car rentals, you can get more information on our Car Rental tab:


Regarding KTEL Halkidiki, there are frequent routes from Thessaloniki to the most popular areas of Halkidiki. Internal transportation to Halkidiki can also be done by KTEL of Halkidiki. It has regular services and you can easily have access from one area to another.

For the first peninsula (Kassandra) the areas that the KTEL goes are the following:

Agia Paraskevi, Agios Pavlos, Athitos, Dionisiou, Eleohora, Zografou, Kalandra, Kalithea, Kassandria, Kassandrino, Kriopigi, Agia Paraskevi Spa, Nea Kallikratia, Nea Skioni, Nea Heraklia, Nea Moudania, Nea Plagia, Nea Potidea, Nea Sillata, Nea Triglia, Nea Flogita, Nea Fokea, Paliouri, Dionisou Beach, Triglias Beach, Pefkohori, Polihrono, Sozopoli, Fourka, Hanioti

For the second peninsula (Sithonia):

Agios Prodromos, Agios Nikolaos, Vatopedi, Galatista, Gerakini, Kalamitsi, Kalives, Metamorfosi, Neos Marmaras, Nikiti, Ormilia, Platanitsi, Poligiros, Porto Koufo, Sarti, Sikia, Toroni, Psakoudia

For the third peninsula (Ouranoupoli):

Arnea, Ierissos, Nea Roda, Neohori, Ouranoupoli, Paleohora, Paleohori, Riza - Geroplatanos, Stagira, Stratoniki, Stratoni, Tripiti

For more information about hours and routes, you can visit the website of KTEL Halkidiki to learn more:


Another way you can move around and reach beautiful beaches of Halkidiki is by the sea. You can take daily excursions to various and popular destinations of ​​Halkidiki. You can either do that by organized excursions, cruises or by renting a private small ship-boat or a sailing boat. If you are interested, you can find more information on our Sailing tab:

The advantage of this mean, is that it allows you to visit isolated beaches that can only be accessed by the sea. Also, the third leg, the peninsula of Athos, is accessible to women with a cruise, otherwise they couldn't see these places.

Hope that you find this blog post helpful!

Bon Voyage!

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Nea Fokaia Halkidiki

Nea Fokaia Halkidiki

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