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Christmas in Halkidiki

Christmas in Halkidiki

Do you want to visit a unique place this year at Christmas? Are you looking for your next interesting destination? A very great choice and a very beautiful destination too, is Halkidiki. There are many choices for you, as Halkidiki has many villages to visit and there are also many traditional customs for Christmas, which are worth "living" in person.

Let's start with some places that we suggest you visit this Christmas. North Halkidiki is definitely a good choice for winter. Areas such as Arnea, Polygyros, Megali Panagia and Taxiarchis are very good suggestions for Christmas holidays. Indeed, Taxiarchis is a village that has been living from Christmas, as almost the whole Greece is supplied with firs from there.

In general, North Halkidiki consists of the Holomount mountain range, with picturesque villages, rich forests, natural springs and lush landscapes, that are suitable for tranquility and relaxation. If you are interested in visiting North Halkidiki, you can find various information in the relevant article and you can find all the areas here.

More specifically, in Arnea on Christmas Eve, a big celebration takes place in the square of the village. They cut the christophoma, they sing traditional carols, etc. All that are in the climate of the days and it is worth to live them in person. Paramithochora in Stratoni is also a very good choice. It is a Christmas village, it has an ice rink, several wooden houses, the house of Santa Claus, and many more. You can taste various traditional desserts, play and have fun. Especially if you have liitle children we strongly recommend this destination to you.

In Kassandria there is also a similar celebration and a small Christmas village is built in the central square. They call it Kassandroupoli and it is also a beautiful Christmas celebration with various daily events. For men, Mount Athos is a beautiful destination for Christmas because of the Christmas spirit and the beautiful winter landscapes there.

As far as the traditional customs of Halkidiki are concerned, the carols in Polygyros and the custom of "Vassilopita" are very interesting. Another beautiful Christmas event is "Fourounohara". It is celebrated on 26 December, where the world is tinkering in the central square of Stanos with wine, tsipouro, food and a lot of music. If you are in the area, it is definitely worth a walk, to have fun with the locals. You can find more information about customs in Halkidiki here.

Finally, Halkidiki is at a geographical position that gives you the opportunity to combine excursions and trips to nearby areas and visit places and locations that will remain unforgettable. You can take a trip to the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan to ski and play in the snow. Or you can go to Loutra Pozar if you prefer to relax in hot springs and enjoy a wonderful winter landscape. Here you can find various trips and also get many destination ideas near Halkidiki and North Greece.

We hope you have a wonderful time and we wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

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Afitos Halkidiki

Afitos Halkidiki

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