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Christmas trees from Taxiarchis

Christmas trees from Taxiarchis

Taxiarchis in Halkidiki region is a village dedicated to the cultivation of fir trees which will be forwarded to the Christmas market as Christmas trees. Each year more than 50.000 natural Christmas trees ship from the region of Cholomontas and mainly from Taxiarchis village across all Greece and decorate our homes. Residents of Taxiarchis are being significantly involved in this type of cultivation and have planted large areas – which were not cultivated – with fir trees which contribute to the beauty of the natural landscape.


This Christmas you could choose fir trees from Taxiarchis village in order to decorate your Christmas tree because:

  • a natural tree gives your home a sense of true nature.
  • you contribute to the local economy which is based on private crops of small land holders.
  • a natural fir tree is biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • through its lifetime and before it is cut it is a source of oxygen and reinforces the flora of the area.
  • in each fir tree position that is cut are planted at least two new!

We recommend you to visit the area, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, walk among the fir trees and taste the great food in the local taverns.

For your accommodation choose between Farma and Elatodasos.

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