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Enigma Shopping Center in Moudania Halkidiki

Enigma Shopping Center in Moudania Halkidiki

Since the last days of April, in Halkidiki, Enigma shopping mall has opened its doors to the consumer audience, after the glorious inauguration which took place with the presence of several representatives of the political and business world of Macedonia. It is belonging to the Mouzhenidis Group, and it is without any doubt one of the largest investments in recent years in the wider area. Specifically, it is located close to Nea Moudania and occupies an area of ​​around 3500 square meters, at a nodal point between Kassandra and Sithonia.

At Enigma, the consumers have the opportunity to enjoy their coffee or food, and of course, to visit various markets. There are many shops (more than 40) for all tastes, with both Greek and foreign brands. 16 of the shops which are housed there, specialize in the fur trade. In particular you will find the brands of Estel, Obs, Ego, Dios, Innov, By Lazaros, Emfasi Pelle, Vitaniotis, Naomi, Di Cara, Manzari Group, Makis Roussoulis, Scandinavia, EFD Papadopoulos, Tsiouhadaris D + Kallias A and last but not least, PT.

There are also several clothing stores, jewelery shops, optician's shops, shops with perfumes, with several products for tourists , linens, toys, souvenirs, ecclesiastical icons of Mount Athos, wine cellars and many other options. Indicatively, you will find the brands of: Ulysse Nardin, Ingersoll, Damiani, Daniel Wellington, B.eagle, Pandora, La Bottega, Moda Italiana, Kosmein Home, German de Capucini, Monastic Art, Afrodita Senses, Fillerina etc

For those who are interested, in Enigma you will meet a grocery store with selected Greek products of high standards, and the restaurant Kritikos, with gourmet flavors, which aims to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Of course, there is the specially designed playground of Grekoleto which will delight the small visitors and also it will help to a better serve for the families which  will visit the mall.

The architecture of the mall is particularly distinct. There are many outdoor green areas for relaxation , as well as, many places, where the visitor will encounter sculptures by various artists, since there is a collaboration with the well-known auction and art house of Myrò Antiques, so there is no doubt that the aesthetics of the Enigma mall meets the requirements of even the most demanding visitors. It is designed in a way which allows naturally illuminated and moreover it has a wooden lining. In addition, it has a spacious parking area. Finally, its infrastructure allows outdoor fashion shows.

Enigma Mall is expected to contribute to the development of the commercial traffic in Halkidiki until October (until then the mall will remain open). Daily, it is available to the public from 11am to 11pm.

Contact number: 2373 065100

Facebook page: Enigma Mall


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