Visit Halkidiki, explore a Paradise in Greece.

Four things you should do while visiting Halkidiki

Four things you should do while visiting Halkidiki


Most places of Halkidiki offer you the most quite environment in order to get away of your daily routine and enjoy nature’s beauty...

Go for a walk nearby the sea, or hike on a mountain, close your eyes and feel the silence. It’s the only way to understand why Halkidiki is a paradiseon earth. Either you visit the region individually, as a couple or with your family consider taking some moments of privacy for yourself to reset your mind and feel completely free.


In Halkidiki you could find different places, villages and spots that could offer you experiences that will remain unforgettable when it will be time to return back to your normal rhythm of life. The amazing flora and fauna of the region is an opportunity to see what lies beyond the building of the city.


Greece is famous about it’s cultural heritage and so is Halkidiki. Don’t miss a visit to a cultural heritage museum or a historic sight. There are a lot of them spread across the region.

4.Eat and Drink

Probably you are already aware of the Mediterranean cuisine. Well try everyday while you are visiting Halkidiki to taste a different and traditionalfood from the Greek cuisine. Same goes for your drinks. Tsipouro and Ouzo could accompany your fresh fish lunches. There are a lot of “unknown” small Greek breweries that produce amazing beer. Try it!

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Kallithea Halkidiki

Kallithea Halkidiki

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