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Halkidiki through a sailing boat. (Part 1)

Halkidiki through a sailing boat. (Part 1)

We hope that your summer so far was unique. That each moment you spent in Halkidiki will remain unforgettable and of course that any information you found in the webpages of HalkidikiTravel were quite useful to explore a little paradise. This year the team of HalkidikiTravel decided to spent their holidays a little bit differently so it could also have the opportunity to evaluate the services of one of its partners in the field of sailing. For a unique weekend 5 people got the necessary supplies (we will give you some advice afterwards) and enjoyed the beauties of Chalkidiki from another perspective.

We started at about 10:00 am on Wednesday from the port of Neos Marmaras. From the very first moment John ( Captain , partner and now friend) made us feel comfortable and become familiar with the boat and the vagaries of space. Remember! The sailing boat is not a hotel room. He described the basic procedures mainly for security reasons during our trip. We arranged our supplies and after a quick breakfast with coffee we were ready to sail.

The route would be little different from those that you may choose as a visitor HalkidikiTravel and that's why we preferred to spend more time in the sea and go on very specific parts that were quite far away one from each other.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good and without much wind so it did not allow us to open sails for a long time. But as long as we did it was something unique.

First stop the island "Turtle" or “Helona” in Greek. Unique green waters and like little children we had the chance to do endless dives from the boat. Then we selected something more "cosmopolitan" and so we started for our next stop at Paliouri beach. Here with a small boat and paddle enough as the sailing boat 'ties' deeper than 5 meters and away from the people swimming, we enjoyed a coffee at the beach bar located on the coast. After the necessary dives here and as the sun was starting to fall we had to move to the port of Porto Koufo where we spent our evening. Therefore, since we tied again, along with the captain we decided to go for a bit out of the sailing boat and have dinner in a local tavern. We slept immediately after our return to the boat and a little scattered. Another within the cabins, another on the couch on the deck and other in a custom made bed with towels and pillows. Not because everyone could not fit inside, but because we wanted to do something different. And here the first observation-tip is coming. Despite the heat during the day don’t forget to bring along a sweatshirt or a windbreaker jacket because the moisture is something that you will feel greatly especially the morning hours. Personally I covered myself with a beach towel which instead of being dry as it was spread it was even more wet from humidity. Eventually I went inside the cabins! ☺

Feeling rest the next morning we were ready to sail again.

Starting from the port of Porto Koufo the next morning it was needed a quick stop at the beach called "The Neck". A small beach just barely out of the harbor. A quick dive in the cool morning waters and the morning coffee was what we needed to continue.

After sailing for a few hours we made our first great stop outside the bay where the beach Kavourotripes is located. On the shore there were a hundreds of people but for us the absolute privacy and an opportunity to enjoy the green waters of this place.

Continuing and after a few hours we arrived in Armenistis camping. Almost the same scenery. We thought to spend there our evening but the point is not suitable especially as the northern waved currents would shake us a lot during the night. If it is the first time you choose to spent your holidays on a sailing boat it would be better to avoid experimentation even if inside of you, you think you can tolerate it.

So we decided to spend the night in the natural harbor of Sykia. Our dinner menu had a quick traditional Greek ouzo table on the deck. The hour had passed again and it was time to enjoy the night sky and to sleep to regain strength.

With the sunrise it was the day we had to start for our return. We dive for the first time on this day in the beach of Kalamitsi Camping. It is one more place where the waters will remind you the ones of the Caribbean you see in the movies. Continuing we had the opportunity to see the unique landscape in which Villa Galini overlooks at. Last stop before we leave our boat at the point where we started was one of the isolated bays of Porto Karas.

We had begun to adapt perfectly to the demands of the sailing boat. We wanted more but perhaps for the first time it was enough to get a good idea of how much you can endure and actually if it is the holidays style that suits you because for sure it’s much different than the ordinary vacations on the land.

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