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Halkidiki through a sailing boat. (Part 2)

Halkidiki through a sailing boat. (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago we described our trip with a sailing boat nearby the coast of Halkidiki. For all of you that you enjoyed reading it and you didn’t get bored (we have to admit it was a bit long) this will be part 2 of our story with more information about what you will need in order to be ready for a sailing experience. We ‘ll try to keep it short this time. ☺



This is the easy part. Take almost nothing! Exactly! All you need is you bathing suit (well maybe two), one wind jacket for the nights and mornings and maybe just a pair of clothes if you plan to have a night outside of the boat as we did on our first stop. Do not forget a towel just to dry yourself after your dives. Everything else from bathing towels to sheets for sleeping were provided at list in our case from our host.

Food supplies:

Here comes the tricky part. We would say it depends on the people you are travelling with. For sure they are not provided from the sailing boatowner. Try to keep your meals light enough in order not to spend much time waiting to have your next safe dive. Prefer lots of fruits, quick made cold sandwiches with cheese and ham and as much bottles of water you thing you might need for your trip. Of course it’s easy to have a stop in places that mini markets exist but you will lose precious time of your journey. Beers!!! Yes! If you love chilling under the sun cold beers is what you need. This is something that we need to have a bit more on our next excursion.

You will also have to buy some ice. Ice-rocks especially because the power supply is limited and you need to keep things and supplies cold with an alternative way. We needed about 12 kg of ice.


It’s not the end of the world if you stay salty for a couple of days! Actually it is good for your skin and your hair. Otherwise you should be a bit careful on how much water you spend because it is also limited on the sailing . There are two tanks available enough for 6 people for three days but just for quick showers if you don’t like seawater on you after your dives.

As we said we ‘d keep it short this time. If you would like to have our supplies list just ask it with an e-mail. We ‘ll be happy to share.

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Siviri Halkidiki

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