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Thessaloniki: An alternative city

Thessaloniki: An alternative city

So yes we are proud! Out of 10 cities that the famous British newspaper The Guardian suggests for small alternative travelling experiences Thessaloniki currently holds number 8. On number 1 is Bologna in Italy and number 10 is featuring Basel in Switzerland.

So many of you would be wondering why?

Not because we live in this city and we enjoy every single moment here but because it’s the truth there are countless things you could enjoy once you visit Thessaloniki.

The “White Tower” the monument that is the sign of the city as long with Thessaloniki’s crazy nightlife would amaze you. There are a lot of historicalsites and places that stand and remind everyone the past.

People are warm and always welcome foreigners. You will have the chance to enjoy and taste traditional Mediterranean cuisine and for sure you will love Greek salad.

A walk on the harbor and the amazing sunset of Thessaloniki will remain unforgettable on your mind until next time you ‘ll be here.

Of course it would be more interesting for you to explore Halkidiki as well since it’s not far away from Thessaloniki.

Read The Guardian's article here.

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