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Las Bandidas Beach Bar

Las Bandidas Beach Bar

The "Las Bandidas Beach Bar" is located on a beautiful beach on the western coast of Sithonia, south of Neos Marmaras. To get there you will have to drive on the main road from Neos Marmaras - Sarti, and after the Porto Karras property, you will find signs that will drive you to the coast.

Las Bandidas is on a quiet beach with clear waters where you can enjoy your coffee under the sounds of latin jazz music. Every day you can enjoy traditional food, under the shade of two large pine trees, which is prepared with care and fresh ingredients in a wood oven. Refreshing cocktails for you and your friends will give you the relaxation you desire and offer you a unique all day experience at the beach in this beautiful corner of Halkidiki.

Tel: 0030 694 481 1647


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Olynthos Halkidiki

Olynthos Halkidiki

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