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Julia Alexandratou in Road House

Julia Alexandratou in Road House

"Gallery Julia Alexandratou in Road House"

Road House Beach Bar in Psakoudia in Halkidiki hosts the summer party "Don't tell Mamasss" of Harley Davidson Club Hellas with a special guest star: Julia Alexandratou*. The party will take place from 1st to 3rd July 2016 in Road House Beach Bar.

The highlight of the 3-day presence of Julia Alexandratou in Halkidiki, is the big party with live rock music, sexy dancers and other surprises that will take place on Saturday night, 2nd July, at the Road House Beach Bar in Psakoudia in Halkidiki.

Enjoy the (remorseful as she said) ex-pornstar and show-woman Julia Alexandratou during her first visit in Halkidiki and the Harley Davidson Bikes.

More information:

* Julia Alexandratou is one of most famous models and a legend pornstar in Greece.

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Map Julia Alexandratou in Road House

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