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Kefalonia Island in Ionion

Kefalonia Island in Ionion

Kefalonia is one of the best known islands in the Ionian Sea. Its capital is Argostoli and it has about 35,000 inhabitants in total. It is a green island in total, with intense natural elements. Imagine that a large part of Kefalonia, is covered by the mountain range of Enos, which is a national park. It also has many caves, a lagoon, many beaches and headlands. Impossible not to draw the attention of naturalists.

Unfortunately in 1953 the island was hit by an earthquake which destroyed it to a great extent, but quickly the people there managed to overcome their wounds. Kefalonia in recent years is quite a popular option, both in Greeks and in foreign tourists whick are looking for relaxing holidays combined harmoniously with nature. It isnt the island of the intense fun but if in Argostoli you will surely find places for entertainment.


Best Beaches in Kefalonia:

An island like Kefalonia, undoubtedly have many beautiful beaches which will delight the most demanding visitors. Below there are just some of the options you will have when you visit this place.


  • Myrtos: Myrtos is the most popular beach in Kefalonia, in a worldwide level, and it has won many awards. There, you will find a charming and unique landscape which combines dense vegetation, rocks, white pebbles and blue water. The organization provides only the essentials so you must be prepared.
  • Antisamos: Another beautiful and large beach with green water and pebbles. It is a famous beach because it had the "leading role" in the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It has a beach bar with sunbeds.
  • Platia Ammos: To get to this beach you must equipped with patience, because you have to descend about 400 stairs, but the wild beauty will captivate you. The beach has a blue crystal and clear water and sand. It is not organized at all.
  • Makris Yalos - Platis Gialos: Makris Gialos is actually the busiest beach of the island. It has shallow blue water and sand and it is the ideal beach for the watersports enthusiasts and families. Platis Gialos is directly next to Makris Gialos and it is another clean and organized beach with green water. It is the favorite choice of families.
  • Petani: One of the best beaches in Kefalonia. It has green water and is well organized. It is surrounded by rocks and cliffs which makes the landscape unique.
  • Foki: A quiet and beautiful beach with shallow water and dense vegetation around. It almost never has waves and thus it is ideal for families.
  • Emplysi: An unorganized beach, very popular in crowds, with deep turquoise water and beautiful natural landscape which you will surely love. There is lush vegetation and rocks with a flat surface on which you can sit. It has a canteen and also just above the beach you'll find some of the best restaurants of Kefalonia.
  • Xi: A different beach and probably the most cosmopolitan of Kefalonia. It has beach bars and it is generally well organized. The sand of Xi is red and surely gives an exotic character to the beach which cant stay unnoticed. It has shallow and calm water.
  • Dafnoudi: A beach unknown to many people. You will need to walk about 600 m from where you leave your car. It has no organization, it has wonderful turquoise water and it is shelter for the seal Monachus-Monachus so if you are lucky you will have the chance to meet some.



What to do in Kefalonia:


  • Involved with nature activities: As it mentioned previously, Kefalonia is an island drenched in nature and diversity. So do not miss the chance to go hiking in Ainos! The route is wonderful. You can also do biking and riding, both in mountain and in coastal areas.
  • Discover the treasures of Argostoli: Argostoli is a classic city and as a city, it is not particularly picturesque as the other places of the island. But if you want to combine your holidays on an Kefalonia with your stay in an urban center, is the ideal choice. There are many nightclubs, restaurants, shops to shop and much more interesting places to visit. The earthquake which took place in Kefalonia in 1953 created many problems in the Venetian city architecture. However, fortunately there are still many historical sites and you can visit them. Do not forget to take a walk on the waterfront, and as well as to enjoy the panoramic view from the highest points of the city.
  • Visiting different villages and settlements: If you dont choose Argostoli for your stay, probably you choose the more picturesque Lixouri. It is the second largest town of Kefalonia and an undeniable rival of Argostoli. There, you will find many sights and wonderful beaches in short distances. Apart from Lixouri you must wander into some of the small and traditional villages of the island. For example visit Agia Efimia, Sami Kourkoumelata, Assos and Fiskardo.
  • Visit attractions, historical and religious monuments: Throughout the island you will find many natural and historical attractions that will amaze you. First visit the cave of Melissani. It is located close to the small village of Sami and it is a unique geological attraction which worths to be seen. The lake is located 20 meters below ground and the cave has stalactites dating 20,000 years ago. The tour takes place by boat. Another major attraction to see are the sinks. They are located close to Argostoli and basically they are cracks of the ground with stones around them which allow the sea water to pass through them and reach the mill and Melissani Lake. Moreover, visit the mill and have a coffee in the cafe there. There are many more things worth seeing like the cave of Drogarati, the castle in the village of Assos in the rock of Byron, the Napier garden, the Archaeological Museum in Argostoli, the botanical garden of Kefalonia, Panagia Fidiotissa and more.
  • Try local flavors: In Kefalonia you will find wonderful traditional tavernas and restaurants where you can try local, and not only, flavors. Do not leave without tasting rabbit with red sauce, the meat pie of Kefalonia, Tsigarida, riganada, cod with garlic sauce, and sweets like nougat, marzipan, paste of quince and more.
  • Make excursions: You can make an excursion by boat and explore the coasts of Kefalonia. So you can see places which are not accessible otherwise. Also cruises are made from Kefalonia to Zante, Ithaca and many more wonderful places.
  • Try watersports and diving: In several of the beaches you can have fun doing watersports. For example in Antisamos there are many options. For lovers of windsurfing good options are Sami and Argostoli because there you will find schools offering courses about this activity. Also discover the seabeds of the island by arranging scuba diving always with the help and guidance of professionals. For example in Agia Efimia, Fiskardo and the village of Lassi there are fully trained dive schools.



Where to stay in Kefalonia:

You can choose from a variety of many places for your stay but also from a variety of different proposals offered by each of them. Whether you want to experience the luxury, or to choose something more simple in Kefalonia you will find what you are looking for. From luxurious apartments to affordable lodgings.

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