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Mykonos Island in Cyclades

Mykonos Island in Cyclades

Mykonos, or in other worlds “the island of winds”, is the most cosmopolitan island of Greece. It is located in Cyclades and it has about 10,000 residents. It has the charm that characterizes the Cycladic islands, and more specific architecturally the white and the blue colour dominate and there is a complete lack of vegetation. Mythologically it is supported that Mykonos got its name from the ancient hero Mykonos, son of Anyu Karystos, who was the king of Delos. Mykonos is undoubtedly the island of entertainment. This doesnt mean that you will not have other things and places to visit or that it is less picturesque than the other islands in Aegean. Although many dont know it, Mykonos is an island which combines everything. It will amaze people who look for extravagant parties until the morning, and at the same time those who look for quiet beaches and romantic sunsets.


The best beaches in Mykonos:

The island has many beaches for all tastes. Many of them are full of crowds and celebrities and others are quieter preferred by the locals. Almost in every beach you can do naturism. Whatever you choose you will be satisfied. Below are some of our own choices.


  • Psarou: The most popular beach of the island and the favorite choice of celebrities. It is fully organized, sandy, windless and it has shallow water. Psarou certainly is a very expensive option, and more specifically, because of its popularity, in July and August there is a waiting list in order to find a sunbed. You can try watersports. In the surrounded area you will find luxury restaurants, hotels and beach bars.
  • Paradise: A well known beach, fully organized with many beach bars and parties. It has coarse sand and crystal blue water. You can reach it by car or by boat.
  • Super Paradise: After Psarou, super paradise is the most popular choice. Basically the beach owes a part of its reputation in the homonymous beach bar which is located there and its unrepeatable parties. It is a beach full of people, synonymous of fun.
  • Platis Gialos: Platis Gialos is another well-organized beach with facilities for watersports. It has golden sand and occupies a large area. It preferred mostly by families.
  • Kalafatis: Perfect beach for watersports and windsurfing! It is large in size, very clean and organized, but not so much as the previous ones. There are trees around which offer free shade spaces.
  • Lia: A beautiful beach with sand and crystal water. In the area around there are rocks. It is well organized but without excesses of luxury. Moreover you will find a diving school there.
  • Agios Sostis: A great and clean beach which is not widespread in tourists, so it remains calm and alternative. It has golden sand and crystal water.
  • Ftelia: The favorite beach of windsurfers. It is sandy with often waves and relaxing mood. The organization is excellent.
  • Agrari: A beach with cool attitude and crystal clear deep water. It is sandy and it has the basic organization in order you to be comfortable. It provides the opportunity to try watersports.
  • Paragka: A popular beach for young people, beautiful beach bars and parties. It has white sand and blue water.
  • Kapari: A lovely, clean beach with fine sand and blue water. It does not have any organization and you must be prepared for a relatively difficult access. If you like the contact with nature and the absence of human intervention is the right beach for you.



What to do in Mykonos:


  • Have fun!: Mykonos is undoubtedly the island of fun and freedom without prejudices! There, you can be just yourself and nobody will judge you. So indulge and spend your holidays as good as possible. For example, Super Paradise organizes parties which last from morning to the next morning. Dont forget to visit Cavo Paradiso, the biggest club on the island, with a worldwide reputation. The entertainment options are endless and you can choose the one that best suits your mood.
  • Do an excursion to Delos: Every day you can travel from Mykonos to Delos, the island of Apollon and Artemis. When you get there, do not miss this opportunity. Also you can tour around Mykonos by boat and see unique and unknown beaches.
  • Visit other attractions and important monuments: Who said that Mykonos doesnt have to show culture and history? A visit to the island will surely convince you the opposite. Actually, you will see many historical and religious sites. Some of them are the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, the Folklore Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Agricultural Museum, the Church of Paraportiani and much more religious monuments, the windmills where you can take great photos, the Town Hall, the City Art Gallery, the Municipal Library, the House of Study, Culture and Tradition and the prehistoric settlement of Ftelia. There are many more options waiting to be discovered by your own.
  • Wander in town: Walk through the narrow streets of the town, observe the local, picturesque atmosphere, which is combined with cosmopolitan influences. Also, buy a souvenir, or if you can afford it, you can buy expensive brands at many shops which are mainly concentrated in the region of Matogiannia.
  • Discover "Mikri Venetia": A small and very picturesque neighborhood located in the town and was the residence of wealthy families and merchants in older times. A walk in this place when you are in Mykonos worths. There, you will find several "terraces" where you can enjoy a drink or a cocktail and the magnificent view.
  • Do watersports and diving: The beaches in Mykonos are well organized and eith completely reliable infrastructure for watersports. Ideal for this activities are Platis Gialos, Kalafatis, Agrari and Psarou. In some beaches professional diving schools are operated, for example in Psarou and Lia.
  • Try special dishes: In Mykonos you must try almond sweets, different tastes from world famous chefs, but also more traditional in local taverns. You will find everything you wish, from the most simple fast food, to the most gourmet and international.
  • Explore the island, visit its villages: Mykonos doesnt consist only of its intense town. It has many beautiful villages, other more picturesque and other more modern and developed in tourism. Some of the best known are Ano Mera, Agios Ioannis and Platis Gialos.



Where to stay in Mykonos:

Mykonos has many and diverse options for your stay. You can find luxury apartments and villas, and certainly economical proposals, adapted to your needs.

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