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Naxos Island in Cyclades

Naxos Island in Cyclades

Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades. Its population is about 19000 and its area ​​42 square kilometers. It is located in the center of Aegean Sea, near Mykonos and Amorgos. The morphology of the island is impressive. It consists of high mountainous areas, plains with lush vegetation and beautiful beaches. It is an island with great historical interest and traditional Cycladic architecture which formed basically during Frankish. It is a place for discerning travelers which look for a complete vacation package.

The best beaches of Naxos:

Naxos has different beaches for all tastes. Others are quiet and for families, others full of fun and crowded, and others ideal for watersports, fishing and diving. In the list bellow we suggest you some of them and you can discover many more during your vacations.


  • Agios Georgios: A clean beach, with fine sand, only 1 klm away from the port of Naxos. It has been awarded with a blue flag. Moreover, it is fully organized and offers facilities for watersports. Also, we can say that it is the ideal choice for surf lovers, because of big waves. If you want to be in a wonderful beach and at the same time to avoid lengthy transportations, Agios Georgios is a great solution for you.
  • Agios Prokopios: Agios Prokopios is the most popular beach of Naxos because of the many awards it has win. It is fully organized in order to be comfortable, but there are quiet places for those who want something more peaceful. It is sandy and it has blue icy waters. In Agios Prokopios you can practice watersports.
  • Agia Anna: Another beach of Naxos with crystal, clear, cold waters and sand, near to the town. In Agia Anna you will find relaxing beach bars, tavernas and facilities for watersports. Agia Anna is a tourist beach but at the same time quieter than the two options above.
  • Plaka: Plaka is the most beautiful beach on the island for many people, and undoubtedly one of the largest. It has blue waters and fine sand, and it is organized in some places. However, you will find a relaxing place away from crowds to rest, ideal even for nudism. This beach looks like an exotic place because of the dunes around it.
  • Beach of Parthenos – Mikri Vigla: Actually it is a large beach which is divided in two by a rock. Both beaches are sandy with crystal clear water. Mikri Vigla or Limanaki is calmer and basically preferred by families. The beach of Parthenos on the other hand, often has large waves and is one of the most usual choices of surfers.
  • Kalantos: Kalantos is one of the most quiet and remote beaches of Naxos. It is ideal for those who want to be close to nature, away from the crowds. Also, it is a good choice for those who love fishing. The water is calm and the beach is sandy.
  • Psili Ammos: Psili Ammos is a quiet beach surrounded by cedars, with fine sand and crystal clear water. Around it, you can see sand dunes, so the landscape is unique and tropical.
  • Orkos: Orkos is a beach which essentially consists of small bays. Another good choice for lovers of calmness, for couples and for everyone else who wants to come closer to nature undisturbed. The vegetation in this beach is dense, the water is turquoise and the sand is white.
  • Panormos: A wonderful beach with palm trees around , clear water and sand. It is one of the most relaxing beaches, almost windless, so it is an ideal choice for families. On the beach you will find a canteen.
  • Hawaii: A totally deserted and unknown beach ideal for those who want το be isolated. It has turquoise water and white sand and for sure it is one of the more exotic options you can have in Naxos.
  • Aliko: Another quiet and at the same time exotic beach which worths to be visited. It is small in size, sandy and with crystal clear water. It is surrounded by cedars and many people claim that it is one of the finest and most unique beaches of Naxos.



What to do in Naxos:


  • Visit museums and archaeological areas: Naxos is an island with great historical interest. There you will have the opportunity to visit many museums and archaeological sites and by tis way to combine fun with knowledge. Among other things, visit the archaeological museum which is located in the town of the island and the geological museum of Apeiranthos. In addition, see Kouros and Kori of Melanon which are two of the most important statues of Greece and also the lying Kouros of Apollon which is essentially one of the most characteristic monuments of the island. Dont forget Portara, the symbol of the island, which is located in the port and it is one of the first things you see when you arrive.
  • Try traditional local products: Naxos as it was mentioned before, is a full package suggestion for holidays. The island has its own local cuisine you must try. So when you be there, try dairy products, potatoes of Naxos, citrus liqueur and local meats. Local sweets are an integral part of the culinary tradition of the island. Try melachrino, xerotigana and spoon sweets.
  • Visit the picturesque villages of Naxos: If you are on your holidays in Naxos, you must explore the island and discover small picturesque villages. Do not forget to pass by Apiranthos, Filoti and Halki.
  • Excursion to Iraklia, Schinoussa, Donoussa and Koufonissia: From Naxos you will have the opportunity to make many trips to the surrounding islands in a daily basic. So, do not miss the change to visit as many places as possible during your vacation.
  • Visit monasteries: If you want to visit monasteries during your holidays in Naxos, you will find lots of them with great religious and historical interest. We suggest you to visit Panagia Drosiani, the monastery of I. M. Fotodotis Christ and the convent tower of Agia.
  • Go hiking!: The beautiful and special island of Naxos is one of the best options for people who love hiking and contact with nature. Choose among a variety of trails and wander the island. Two of the most famous routes are Kourounochori and the monastery of Fotodotis.
  • Try watersports: Naxos is one of the favorite choices for the lovers of watersports. It has many beaches with good infrastructures for this purpose and some with frequent and large waves ideal for surfing. Some beaches you must visit are Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios and Agia Anna. However, the best choice for surfing is the beach of Parthenos. Last but not least, you can go fishing in several beaches(eg Kalantos).
  • Visit events, festivals and fairs: Naxos during the summer months, offers you the opportunity to visit many traditional festivals which are organized for religious reasons. Moreover, in July and August the festival of Naxos is organized. It is a festival with interesting art events and many more. If you are interesting in watching movies you can go at the outdoor cinema of the island.



Where to stay in Naxos:

Choose from a great variety of accommodation options, and find the appropriate based on your own needs. By this way you will make unforgettable memories and spend your holidays with the best way.

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