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Parga & Paxoi Islands in Ionion

Parga & Paxoi Islands in Ionion

Many people choose to visit Parga, Sivota and Paxoi in combination for their vacations because of the short distances between them. Parga is a seaside town at the county of Preveza and it has about 2500 inhabitants. We could say that it gives the impression of an island. Is a favorite destination for tourists, especially during the summer months.

Sivota is located in Thesprotia and it is a small village with a population of 900 inhabitants. Sivota is also a popular tourist resort.

Finally, Paxos is an Ionian island situated near to Corfu. It has approximately 2500 inhabitants. The morphology of the island is special because it has a lot of caves, rocks and dense vegetation.


The best beaches in the region:

Both of the above places combine picturesqueness and tradition with an exotic attitude, something really unbelievable! Below we suggest to you some of the best beaches of the destination.



  • Kryoneri: Kryoneri is the central beach of Parga, with an easy access and clear water. It's crowded because of its convenient location and it has sand and pebbles in alternation. Near Kryoneri you can meet Mikro Kryoneri, a small beach which is much quieter, so it is preferred by people who want to have relaxing moments.
  • Valtos: Valtos is one of the most popular beaches of the entire region. It is sandy with crystal clear water and well organized. In this beach you can try watersports. Actually, It is quite near Parga, so you can go on foot or you can stay at the camping there.
  • Lichnos: Lichnos is a great beach surrounded by caves. It is the perfect choice for the fans of watersports and especially of windsurfing, as well as, for people who want to do underwater explorations. You can access the beach by car or by boat. In Lichnos there are camping. Finally, it is a well-organized beach.
  • Sarakiniko: This beach is well organized but at the same time calm, with pebbles, sand and crystal blue water. In Sarakiniko you can go fishing or explore the seabed. It is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Parga. You can get there by car (9 km away from Parga) or by boat.





  • Gallikos: Gallikos is the nearest option you have since it is close to the village center. It has warm clear water and it is sandy. At this beach you will find a wonderful restaurant to enjoy a meal after swimming.
  • Bella Braka: For many people Bella Braka is the most beautiful and unique beach in Sivota. It is located in the island of Mourtemeno but you can still reach it by swimming! It is the best choice for windsurfing. Finally, It is quite popular but not organized so be prepared!
  • Megali and Mikri Ammos: Two beautiful beaches close enough to the village. They are both organized and with clean water. They are very popular and they have beach bars and dining options.
  • Pisina: Pisina can be reached by boat from Sivota since it is located in the island of Agios Nicholas. It is a unique beach with crystal clear water and it will remind to you a pool.



Paxoi: The majority of the beaches in Paxoi is quiet and unorganized.


  • Kipiadi: Kipiadi is the largest beach of Paxoi. It is a beautiful beach and approximately 7 klm away from Gaios, the capital of the island. It has dense vegetation, pebbles and turquoise water. It isnt organized so take the necessaries in order to be comfortable.
  • Lakka: It is probably Lakka to be the best known beach of the island. It is particularly popular in families and it can be reached by boat.
  • Erimitis: An amazing beach with exotic and wild beauty. It has deep water, often waves and rocks both inside and around it. It is mainly covered with pebbles and stones. The beach was created in 2008!
  • Plakes: Another beautiful small beach with pebbles and blue water. Around it there is lush vegetation.
  • Galazio: A unique small beach. You have access only by boat. It has blue water and pebbles.
  • Levrehio - Monodendri: Levrehio is another beautiful beach with blue clear water and white pebbles. Just above it, you will find a taverna where you can eat and take a shower after swimming. It hasnt any organization. In contrast, Monondendri is a large and organized beach. Actually it is the only organized beach at the island. You can do watersports or enjoy a coffee at the beach bar.




  • Voutoumi: This beach is is a small bay with shallow turquoise water and exotic characteristics. Ii is Considered by many as the best beach in Greece. It has white sand and pebbles.
  • Vrika: One more exotic beach with turquoise water, pebbles and sand. If you visit the area you should definitely visit Vrika. It has a beach bar and two restaurants. It is very popular to the crowds.


What to do in the area:


  • Excursion to Antipaxoi: Antipaxoi is a very small island with beaches which can give you an exotic sense like you are at Hawaii and lush vegetation. There, except swimming, you can do hiking and explore the place. This experience will be unforgettable so dont miss the chance if you spent your holidays at Paxoi. Also, a sea-trip to the west coast of Paxoi is impressive because of the wild morphology of the region.
  • Visit and admire sights and museums in Paxoi: Walk to the harbor and the capital of the island, Gaius, and admire the unique architecture with the Venetian elements. Visit the English governorate, the Museum of Paxoi and the Church of Agioi Apostoloi.
  • Visit the Hot springs of Paxoi: The sulfur springs of Paxoi are known for their healing properties. They are located in the west side of the island and they are indicated mainly for skin and rheumatic diseases.
  • Discover the picturesque villages of Paxoi: Except the wonderful beaches and the capital of the island you should wander in the place and discover small traditional villages with great history. For example, in a short distance from the port you will meet Ozias, which is the oldest settlement on the island. Then visit Lakka and Loggos.
  • Visit Agios Nikolaos: Near Gaios there is the island of Agios Nikolaos. At this place you will me the most important attraction of Paxoi, the Byzantine castle, which was a fortress at the same time.
  • Wander at the streets of Parga: Parga is a town however it will remind you an island especially because of its architecture. Do not miss the opportunity to wander through the streets and admire the traditional buildings. Buy souvenirs and local products from the small shops you will find.
  • Visit the island of Panagia: This small island is near Parga and it worths to be visited even only for a romantic walk with your partner.
  • See the Venetian Castle of Parga: One of the most important attractions of the town. In order to get there you have to walk a uphill street, but the magnificent view which is offered will indemnify you. It is open to the public all day.
  • Wander in Syvota and see the sights: Start with a walk in the small stone village, wander the streets and buy souvenirs in the various tourist shops. After your walk, do not forget to visit the ancient settlement Vrachonas and the Castle of Polyneri.
  • Excursion in Acherontas: A special tour for people who love nature. In this place you can go hiking, horseback riding and canoe kayak. Also, visit the Necromandion of Ephyra.
  • Do Scuba Diving: In Syvota, you will find organized and fully equipped diving center. If you like such activities do not miss this unique experience.


We hope you agree with us that this holiday suggestion is one of the best options you have, since it gives you the opportunity to combine your visit to many special places.

Where to stay in this area:

Choose from many accommodation options and find the ideal for you in order to complete your vacation package with the best way.

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