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Sporades Islands in Aegean

Sporades Islands in Aegean

Sporades are a cluster of islands in the Aegean. Essentially, the inhabited islands are four (Skyros, Skiathos, Alonissos, Skopelos), but there are some more, such as Kyra Panagia, Peristera which has some residents, Jura e.t.c.


Skiathos is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades, however it remains traditional and green with lush vegetation. It is located near the city of Volos. Its area is 48 km² and it has about 6000 inhabitants.

The best beaches in Skiathos:

Banana: Banana consists of two beaches, the small banana and the big banana. Both of them are preferred by young people and also from fans of watersports. They are not suitable for people who seek for tranquility. You can go there by car or by the bus. However, you must be prepared to walk about one quarter if you pick the bus.

Koukounaries: Koukounaries or otherwise Golden Sand is probably the most famous beach of the island and one of the most famous beaches in the world. It's very organized, you can do watersports there and has many restaurants and cafés around. It combines tranquility with entertainment and suits all tastes. The surrounding vegetation is rich and there are many trees which create shade so you don't need an umbrella. You can go there by car or by bus.

Megali Ammos: Megali Ammos is another wonderful beach. It is located near the town of Skiathos and you can reach there by walk. It has all the comforts and facilities for watersports. There is also the opportunity to stay there if you prefer.


What to do in Skiathos:

Visit Bourtzi: The Bourtzi peninsula divides Skiathos into two parts, the old port and the commercial port. Bourtzi fortress was there. Now, you can see the ruins and also drink coffee in a traditional café there.

Try watersports: If you are a fan of watersports in the most famous beaches of Skiathos you can try many. For example, Koukounaries and Great Ammos offer the opportunity for watersports. If you love wind serfing do not forget to go to Banana which is the perfect place for it.

Visit the house of Papadiamantis: The house of Papadiamantis, one of the greatest Greek writers is one of the main attractions of the island and it is located in the center of the town of Skiathos.

Excursion in Tsougria: In everyday base you can reach the island of Tsougria by boat and also to visit other wonderful places such as Lalaria beach and of course the castle which is located in the old medieval town.

Visit the wetland: In a small distance from Koukounaries, there is the Lake Strofilia which is the wetland of the island. Characterized as a place of high ecological importance so it worths to be visited during your vacation in the island.

Where to stay in Skiathos:

Choose between many different accommodation choices in order to find the most suitable for you.


Skopelos is the most green island of Greece. The largest part of it, is covered by dense vegetation and more specifically pines. It is situated between Skiathos and Alonissos. The area is 95 square kilometers and it has about 5000 inhabitants.

The best beaches in Skopelos:

Stafylos: Stafylos is the nearest beach to town. It is beautiful, with clear water and sand. It is organized enough, and it has shops where you can eat and drink coffee. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most visited beaches. You can reach it by car, but also you must walk for about 500 meters.

Agnontas: Agnontas is a beautiful beach with unique natural landscape since the trees reach the sea. It is about 8km away from the town. It is the ideal choice for fishing, but also it has a beach bar and a restaurant so you can eat there.

Milia: Milia is certainly the most exotic beach in Skopelos. It has green waters and small pebbles. It is fully organized. A rock divides the beach in two pieces. The one piece is quiet while the other attracts many visitors. The distance from town is 15 km and you can be there by car.


What to do in Skopelos:

Wander in town: The town of Skopelos is very picturesque, with cobbled streets. A walk in a place like this can only be a special experience.

Visit the Folk Museum: When you are in Skopelos don't forget to visit the folklore museum in the town.

Excursion to the village Glossa: The region there is characterized by great archaeological interest, while preserving untouched a picturesque and traditional character which will amaze you.

Visit Ai Giannis in Kastri: This is a church which is built on the top of a rock. The view from there will see will leave you speechless.

Taste traditional Skopelos cheese pie: Do not leave the island without tasting the traditional cheese pie of Skopelos which is well known throughout Greece.

Go hiking and discover the nature: Skopelos is the most green island of Sporades and one of the most green of Greece. Take advantage of your holidays there to get as close as possible to the nature.

Where to stay in Skopelos:

Choose between many different accommodation choices in order to find the suitable for you.


Alonissos is undoubtedly one of the most naturist destinations. Its area is 64 km², it has about 2500 residents and it is the third largest island in Sporades. It is much quieter than Skiathos and Skopelos, so it is ideal for relaxing family holidays but it has enough entertainment choices too. The main port and the capital of Alonissos is Patitiri.

The best beaches in Alonissos:

Agios Dimitrios: It is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches. It is large with white sand, blue waters and exotic style. It is also organized and you can get there by car.

Chrisi Milia: It is a very popular beach for tourists and probably the most organized. It is sandy and quite shallow. You can be there by car.

Kokkinokastro: Kokkinokastro is an incredibly different beach because of the red color in the soil that surrounds it. It has sand and pebbles and it is organized enough. The access is easy by car.

Leftos Gialos: Another great beach with green waters and pebbles. It is well known for its wonderful restaurants so you can eat there after your swim. It is easily accessible.

Patitiri: The beach is in the port of the island. It is incredibly clean and beautiful beach. If you do not have a car and you are bored of public transport it is the ideal solution for you.

Rousoum Gialos: A beautiful beach with green waters and many restaurants around. It is close to Patitiri so you can go there even on foot.

What to do in Alonissos:

Visit the National Marine Park of Sporades: The national marine park of Sporades is the largest waterpark in Europe. The human intervention in the park is very limited and it is definitely a must see place.There, you will find many species of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals also. For example, the Mediterranean monk Monachus monachus, red coral Coraliu mrubrum, the Falcon Falco eleonorae and many other rare species of fauna. In the water park you can dive, according to the instructions of specialized professionals of the diving center of Alonissos.

Explore the old town of Alonissos: If you find yourself in Alonissos, you have to visit the old town for sure. It is built on a high point with magnificent view and the architecture is picturesque and traditional. There, you will find restaurants, cafe, bars and many souvenir shops.

Taste the traditional cheese pie: Try the traditional twisted cheese pie of Alonnisos before leaving the island.

Go hiking and cycling: Alonissos is a lovely destination for nature lovers in Greece. There are many paths that you can follow and enjoy a walk on foot or by bike. You can also go fishing and get involved in many more adventures.

Try watersports: Alonissos offers crystal, clear and beautiful beaches. In many of them you can do watersports. An ideal beach for such activities is Chrissi Milia and also Glyfa.


Where to stay in Alonissos:

Choose between many different accommodation choices until you find the best for you.


Skyros is the largest island of Sporades with an area of 210 km² and basically it belongs to Evia. The population is almost 3,000 residents. The port is Linaria and capital is 11 km from this.

The best beaches in Skyros:

Magazia: One of the most popular beaches of the island. It is sandy and the waters are crystal and clear. It is organized enough. Also Magazia is connected with Molos beach and basically could be considered as a single large coast. You can get there by car.

Atsitsa: It is the most picturesque beach of the island. It is small and has pebbles and sand. There, also, a small port exists. Atsitsa is located in the homonymous village, where you can stay or enjoy local foods at one of the many taverns. You can reach it by car.

Pefkos: One of the very nice beaches of the hole island. It is small and green and it has sand and pebbles. There are free umbrellas on the beach, a small cafe for the necessary and tavern. You can get there by car.

Kalamitsa: A beautiful and peaceful little beach. It has wonderful waters and pebbles. You can stay there if you wish since there are many rooms. The distance from the port is small and you can reach it by car.


What to do in Skyros:

Visit the museums and the attractions of the island: The town is built around the Byzantine castle. The architecture is generally great and it will be interesting to discover. Also you can visit the folklore and the archaeological museum.

Discover the little horses of Skyros: In the farm Mouries in Skyros, you will have the unique opportunity to see the little horses of Skyros and to enjoy several activities related to them.

Explore the natural beauty of the island: Skyros offers pure natural beauty. It is a quiet island, not very cosmopolitan. If you are there you are going to enjoy undisturbed the natural landscape. It has many sea caves and pine forests to explore.

Try water sports: In many beaches of Skyros you can try water sports, get involved with fishing and scuba diving. The south coast of the island is ideal for sports enthusiasts.

Where to stay in Skyros:

Choose between many different accommodation choices in order to find the best.

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