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Thasos Island in North Aegean

Thasos Island in North Aegean

The island of Thasos is located in Macedonia, fairly close to Kavala, it has an area of approximately 380 square klm and about 14000 residents. It is an island with rich vegetation of olive trees, pine trees, etc. Also, Thasos has undeniable interest subsoil, as it has mineral resources (metals and marbles). This island is considered one of the most important places for wild birds in Greece, so it is under the supervision of volunteer organizations for their protection. Thasos, as you understand, although it attracts many people especially during the summer months, has managed to remain almost untouched by the negative consequences of tourism. It is a choice of vacation mainly for those who like relaxing and conecting with nature but without excluding entertainment.


The best beaches in Thasos:

Thasos has some amazing beaches which are different from other places and have to be visited. Below we suggest only some of them:


  • Gkiola: Gkiola is a natural lagoon and actually one of the most famous places of Thasos. It will remind you a pool! It is quite a difficult area in its approach but definitely it worths the hassle. You go there by walking.
  • Saliara: A small beach with white sand of marble, pebbles and turquoise clear water, surrounded by dense vegetation. It gives to the visitor the impression of an oasis. It is one of the best known beaches and is well organized.
  • Paradeisos: A gorgeous tropical beach with shallow turquoise water and white sand which must definitely be seen! It has won several awards worldwide. Many times it has big waves so be prepared for this. In some parts of Paradeisos you can do nudism.
  • Aliki Beach: A very quiet but at the same time popular beach just below a picturesque village. Basically it consists of two small bays with lush vegetation around.
  • Chrisi Ammoudia: A huge sandy beach which is perhaps the most popular beach in Thasos. Despite its popularity remains a quiet beach visited by several families. It is well organized and very close to the port which is the capital of the island.
  • Psili Ammos: Another beautiful beach full of life during all day long. It is the ideal choice for young people who search for fun. It has a beach bar which organizes many parties in summer.
  • Pahis: A beach ideal for watersports and families as it is shallow and calm! It has fine white sand and various shops around to eat or drink your coffee.
  • Agios Ioannis: A quiet, clean beach with clear water, pebbles and vegetation. There, you will find a canteen to buy the necessities. Combine a swim with a visit to the ancient artefacts which exists around for a unique experience.
  • Trypiti: A quite popular and large beach, with sand and clear blue water. It is well organized and the access there is easy. A unique characteristic of Trypiti is a large hole in a rock, which unites the Tripiti beach with a small port. You will find a place ideal for nudism in this beach.
  • Salonikios: It is a beach mostly preferred by young people. It is quite isolated and alternative. You can get there by car or by a boat. It has a small beach bar, it is surrounded by pines and it has crystal clear water.
  • Pefkari: A perfect beach for those who love watersports. It is quite large, sandy with dense vegetation around and well organized.



What to do in Thassos:


  • Explore the Port: The Port is the capital of the island and the largest urban center in Thasos. You will find many choices for entertainment and shops with souvenirs. The buildings has traditional Macedonian architecture, and everywhere there are fishing boats. Do not forget to walk to the old port in which you will meet many of the attractions of Thassos.
  • Discover the villages of the island: Thasos is full of picturesque villages to visit. The coastal villages are best known, because of their resonance to tourists, but the mountainous villages have a special charm which can bring you closer to tradition. For example Limenaria is a very tourist, coastal village of 2500 residents. Moreover Potos has experienced quite big tourist development the last years. Interesting villages that you can visit are Potamia, Panagia and Kallirachi. There are many villages, for all tastes, arm yourself with patience and your car with gasoline and discover the area!
  • Visit attractions and museums: In Thassos you will find countless archaeological sites, museums and attractions to see. Initially, in Port you will meet Kalogeriko, a building of Vatopedi Monastery which was built in the 19th century and now it is an exhibition hall. In addition dont forget to visit the ancient theater, which is used for the festival of Thasos and also for many other events and concerts. Moreover, visit the Gate of Zeus and Hera and the Ancient Conservatory in port, the archaeological site of Aliki, Palataki and Mines at Limenaria. Finally dont forget to visit important monasteries and churches such as the Monastery of Archangel Michael.
  • Enjoy nature activities: The island has so intense vegetation and alternations in almost every point , something which makes it one of the best naturalistic destinations in Greece. Dont miss the opportunity to go hiking, riding, biking and 4x4. Moreover in Thasos there are two trains, “the trains of joy”. The one makes a coastal route and the other mountainous, so by this way you can see more places.
  • Taste delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients: In Thasos you will find countless options for good food for all tastes. Do not hesitate to visit various tavernas during your stay there. Moreover, buy traditional local products prepared by the locals, such as olive oil, olives and sweets.
  • Try watersports, diving and fishing: The island has many options for those who love watersports and for the fans of diving because of the rich and special seabed. Ideal options for such activities are the beaches of Chrisi Ammoudia, Pahis, Psili Ammos, Potos, Pefkari and many more. For diving, prefer beaches like Pefkari, Potos and Limenas. Rely on professionals and organized schools for diving in order to have a pleasant and safe experience. Finally, in Thassos you can fish in all its shores, but always wisely. Good choices are the beaches of Alykes and Astris.




Where to stay in Thassos:

The island offers accommodation options for all tastes! Choose the right one for you and enjoy your holidays in this beautiful island full of nature.

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