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Arachova in Parnassos mountain

Arachova in Parnassos mountain

Arachova is a small, traditional town, built on a slope of the mount Parnassus and it belongs to the county of Viotia. It has just over 2500 residents. The history of the region begins from ancient times and particularly the first settlements there date back to 1200 B.C..

It is one of the most popular tourist, winter destinations in Greece and in a very short distance there is one of the most famous and well organized ski centers of the country. Additionally, it is close enough to Athens and Lamia. Despite the intense public interest in winter, we could say that is a very good choice for the summer months too, because of its cool climate. It is ideal for those who do not necessarily equate the summer holidays with coastal destinations.

What to do in Arachova:


  • Enjoy nature activities: Arachova is located in Parnassus, so it is ideal for people who want to enjoy tours in the surrounding area and come into contact with the incredible natural and virgin environment. So do not miss the opportunity to go hiking and biking, choosing one of the many paths which exist for this purpose. The more adventurous visitors can climb on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, always with the proper organization and guidance from professionals. Moreover, near Arachova, you will meet Livadi. There, you can try horse riding as there is a organized center.
  • Arrange excursions to nearby destinations: With starting point Arachova, you will find many more fascinating places, either because of their historical importance or of their natural environment. Initially, do not forget to visit the settlement of Delphi, where there is the namesake and famous oracle of Delphi. Now, if you are in Arachova in summer and you want to visit a beach you can go to the very clean beach of Agios Isidore in the village Antikyra which is about 20 minutes by car from Arachova, or you can choose the most famous Galaxidi or the coastel village of Itea. Some even beautiful mountainous villages which you can discover is Chryso, Eptalofos, Gravia, village with great historical significance, and Distomo where you will see the monument of mausoleum. Finally, just 30 km from Delphi is the town of Livadia.
  • Visit the ski area: The ski center of Parnassos is one of the biggest and best ski resorts in Greece. It has 19 slopes and 7 different routes. If you are in Arachova from December until early May you can visit and enjoy winter sports and even drink your coffee enjoying the magnificent view from an altitude of over 2000 meters.
  • Visit other attractions and places of historical interest: In Arachova and throughout the surrounding area you will find many places of historical and religious interest which worth to be visited. In the center of town you will find the clock, which was the belfry previously and it is one of the symbols of Arachova. It is situated on a rock, and it was built in the 18th century. Also visit the Church of Saint John which is located under the clock, the church of Saint George and the church of Saint Luke which is about 20 minutes from Arachova. If you want to visit a museum visit the folklore museum which will give you a picture of the culture and life of people in the region over the years. On the west side of the city you will find the Memorial of Karaiskaki. Finally, wander into the picturesque streets of Arachova, observe the traditional architecture of the buildings, and enjoy the spectacular view.
  • Try local foods: Try the pie “Kourkouto”, local meat, such as sausages and kontosouvli and various desserts such as marzipan and the sweet of nuts “Karydato”. Also, Arachova is known for its handmade chilopites and frumenty. Do not leave the area if you try not try them cooked in the traditional way. Also as you leave you can purchase such products from local shops and cooperatives. In addition Arachova is famous for its dairy products (eg Formeala), honey and raki.



Where to stay in Arachova:

Prefer to stay in a traditional xenon or hotel, which will help you to feel the picturesque character of the area and to adapt to the climate without deprive you anything from luxury and comfort on your holidays. The choices are many so it's up to you to find the one which suits you. Below we suggest some accommodations which stood out:

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