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Karpenisi is the capital of Evrytania and it has about 7000 inhabitants. It is a small and picturesque town with intense vegetation and the surrounding architecture preserves traditional elements. The entire county is mountainous with large forest areas, which gives to the natural landscape a great interest so it is ideal for people who want to relax and enjoy their holidays in  harmony with the environment.

Moreover, the region has a strong history. Since ancient times the first settlements have began to formed. However Karpenisi is better known for the important role which it played in the revolution of Greece in 1821.

What to do in Karpenisi:


  • Get in touch with the nature through activities: As it was reported above, Evrytania is a county drowned in nature. Perhaps it is one of the most untouched by human intervention counties of Greece. So you understand that your visit to Karpenissi will be a special experience, away from the usual urban landscape. Take advantage from your stay there, and with basis the city, wander the area and discover its secrets. There are many routes you can follow by hiking or biking. Also you can try horseback riding.
  • Visit villages: If you have a car, do not forget to visit the picturesque mountainous villages which will amaze you with its traditional architecture and the authentic and hospitable character of its inhabitants, whose lifestyle and culture are far away from the standards of big cities. In addition in villages you will see several bridges, symbols of folk architecture, which for many years were the only link between them, but also important historical monuments. For example, in Domnista, which is a village symbol for the Greek revolution, you will find the monument of national resistance. Finally in most villages, folklore museums operate such as the folklore museum of Megalo Horio, the folklore and history museum of Palio Mikro Chorio and many more.
  • Visit natural attractions in the area: In Evritania you will meet beautiful lakes which worth to be seen,  like the lake of Kremasta, the lake of Kefalovrysso and the lake of Velouchi. Also there are beautiful gorges in which you can hike, such as the well-known gorge “Panta Vrechei” near Doliana and the gorge of “Mayri Spilia”.
  • Visit religious, historical monuments and museums: In Karpenisi and in the surrounding area, you will find many places of historical interest. Visit as many as you want and discover the history and the value of this place. Do not miss to visit the museum of Karpenissi and the village of Kefalovrysso, which is just 3 km from the city and there, there is the monument of Markos Botsaris. Furthermore visit the church of Agios Dimitrios which is situated on a hill near Karpenissi and offers panoramic view, and the Holy Cathedral of Agia Triada which is located at its center.
  • Try local flavors: In Karpenisi and in the surrounding villages of the county you will find traditional dishes you should try. Visit a picturesque taverna and taste the sausages of Eyritania, local dairy products and pies. You can buy the products you want from stores and cooperatives. Choose sweets, frumenty, “Mouro” ( a traditional tsipouro you canl find only in Evritania), honey, mountain tea and more.
  • Visit the ski center of Velouchi: The ski center of  Velouchi  is just 10 km away from Karpenisi! It has excellent facilities, organization and 11 tracks which satisfy all specifications and are designed for different levels of experience. If you like winter sports or just want to drink your coffee by enjoying the magnificent view, do not leave without visiting this place.


Where to stay in Karpenisi:

In Karpenisi you will meet accommodation options for all tastes. From traditional and wooden houses, to hotels which offer all the amenities while maintain the typical local attitude. Choose what suits you and enjoy your holidays in this beautiful landscape. Below we suggest some of the best:

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