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Nymfaio is a small mountainous Vlach village situated at an altitude of 1350 meters, which belongs to the county of Florina and consists of approximately 400 residents. The village was first inhabited in 1835. In recent years it has started to become a very popular tourist destination especially during the winter season. It has  picturesque architecture, with stone streets and houses. It is surrounded by lush vegetation mainly consists of beeches.

At Nymfaio there is the environmental information center of Arcturus, which is an active organization for the protection of brown bears and wolves. In a short distance from the village there is a specially designed space in order to host these animals. Nymfaio worths a visit even if only for once in your life. According TO Unesco is one of the 10 most beautiful villages across Europe.

What to do in Nymfaio:


  • Visit the Environment Centre of Arcturus: Next to the village you will find the shelter of the bear and the information center of the organization of Arcturus. Arcturus is a nonprofit organization which aims to protect wildlife. It is located at an altitude of 1350 meters and is a unique experience for every visitor. To reach the shelter you will have to walk.
  • Enjoy nature activities in the surrounding area: The magnificent landscape arround the village is ideal for nature activities. When you get there, enjoy the lush vegetation by hiking, biking and horseback riding. The village has organized facilities with horses. Autumn and Spring are the best seasons since the place is unique.
  • Visit the artificial lake Zazari: The lake Zazari is located in the county of Florina, quite close to Nymfaio. It is one of the most important wetlands in Northern Greece and also it is part of the program Natura 2000. Visit it and make a boat ride or if you like adventure you can do canoe kayak. In addition to the lake you can see more than 140 species of birds.
  • Visit the ski center of Vigla-Pisoderi or Vitsi: If you are at the village in Winter, you can visit the ski center Vigla which is one of the best in the country or the smaller but well-organized ski center of Vitsi which is just 11 km from Nymfaio.
  • Visit the wineries of the area: In the region of Florina you will find several wineries. You can visit them in order to taste excellent wines and if you wish to purchase some. Specifically in Amyntaio which is just one quarter of Nymfaio, six wineries operate. The area is famous for its wines so explore them by yourself.
  • Taste local, traditional dishes and sweets: In a village like this, the unique local foods are an integral part of the culture. Try traditional tsouknidopita and lemonopita. In addition to the tavernas of the region you will find food with local meat and hunting or a dish with handmade pasta. Also Nymfaio is famous for its excellent tsipouro and wine, which you can find from the local women's cooperative or from some traditional stores.
  • Discover the secrets of the village, see important attractions: Visit the folk museum in order to get close to the village's history and daily life of the past, the church of Saint Nicholas and mansions such as the mansion of Boutaris, Missios and Mertzos. Furthermore you can visit the Silver and Goldsmith museum and the library Nikios school which was built in 1928.



Where to stay in Nymfaio:

Choose to stay in a guesthouse or hotel in the village and have an unforgettable experience which will take you back in time. We suggest to you just some of the options you have for your stay. The tourist infrastructure in the region is complete, so you can have all the amenities you want. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy your vacation.

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