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Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia is located in the western Peloponnese and it is a point of great historical interest in a worldwide level and the place where the Olympic Games were born. Each year attracts plethora of tourists who want to meet up close one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and in the world generally. The history of the region begins from the Neolithic period, and more specific at the 4th millenium B.C.. Ancient Olympia is dedicated to Zeus.

Near the archaeological site the village of Olympia is located, a village with good tourist infrastructure due to its location. In the municipality of Ancient Olympia there are about 13000 residents.

What to do in Ancient Olympia:


  • Discover the greatness of Greek civilization: Ancient Olympia is such a majestic place. When you enter into the area you will feel awe. You will need to spend several hours to see the most important monuments of of the site. Many temples and buildings of different periods are survived. The most important is the Temple of Zeus in the Altis center, in which there was the gold and ivory statue of Zeus. You will also see the workshop of the sculptor Phidias, the Temple of Hera, the huge stadium where the matches took place, and countless other buildings which will take you back in time and you will be impressed with the detailed building way of them thousands of years ago . When you exit the site, you will find the Archaeological Museum of Olympia where there are exhibits from the Stone Age. The most notable is the statue of Hermes of Praxiteles.
  • Admire the natural landscape, indulge in activities connected with the environment: Besides the historical significance of the place which is undeniable and the main reason for visiting, its natural beauty is also unique, and one other factor which makes this place special and your holidays there one of the best options in Greece. So take a bicycle, or just use your feet and discover countless natural treasures. Also, you can do rafting and canoe in the river Alpheus.
  • Take a tour in the county of Ilia: The county of Ilia has many beautiful places to visit. For example you can enjoy spa and grooming in the hot springs of Kaiafa and Killini. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to visit small picturesque villages like Arkoudi, which features a beach, Katakolo and Andritsaina.
  • Visit beaches: In summer you can choose some of the nearby beaches to enjoy swimming. Visit the unique beach of Zacharo, with crystal clear water and golden sand. Also very nice choices which will not disappoint even the most demanding person are "Chrisi Akti" of Kyllini, the beach of Kaiafas, Agios Ilias, the beach of Kourouta and Glyfa. All of them have clear water and several facilities in order to relax and enjoy to the most your holidays.


Where to stay in Ancient Olympia:

In Ancient Olympia you will find accommodations for all tastes through a wide variety of options which are available. Choose the suitable for your needs and let yourself to travel in the magic area of the Ancient and glorious Greece.

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