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Pelion is located in Magnesia, just above the city of Volos, approximately at 1620 meters. The fact that it is at the heart of Greece, makes it easily accessible and one of the most popular destinations in the country, both in winter and summer. In Pelion there are some of the best beaches in Greece. Its natural beauty is special because it has lush vegetation and diversity. In the most mountainous areas you will see oak, beech, chestnut trees and pines, while at lower altitudes, apple and olive trees. The locals are mainly engaged in tourism, farming and agriculture. In almost every village, there are organized cooperatives where you can buy traditional products. According to mythology, Pelion was the home of the Centaurs. Moreover based on Dodecatheon, Pelion was the summer residence of the gods. Generally Magnesia refers several times in mythology, since from this area the Argonaut expedition was started.

Best beaches in Pelion:

Pelion has beautiful beaches for all tastes, so you can choose one that suits you. Below are some of the best:

Agios Ioannis: Agios Ioannis is located on the east coast of Pelion and it is probably the most cosmopolitan beach there. It has golden sand and deep blue waters. Beware! Some days it has big waves. It has many beach bars and offers the opportunity to deal with several water sports. The village is located around the beach so it is easily accessible.

Mylopotamos: Mylopotamos is located near Tsagarada, and as Agios Ioannis, is one of the most known beaches in Pelion. The waters are incredibly clean, as it is at the Aegean side, and many refer that this place is exotic. The beach has a lot of organization, but not umbrellas and sunbeds. It is easily accessible.

Fakistra: Also one of the most well known beaches with exotic beauty. If you visit it, you will not believe that you are still in Greece. All around Fakistra is rocky and it has gold sand and small pebbles. But you must be prepared, the access is not easy and it almost has no organization. However it is attractive for people who fascinated from the wild and completely natural landscape.

Plaka: Plaka is a beautiful beach close to Agios Ioannis. Its waters are blue but pretty deep and steep. It is sandy and pebbled in places. If you cross it you will see very impressive caves and rocks that flow into the sea. This is one of the most famous beaches in Pelion too, the combination of vegetation and sea is unique. Its organization is sufficient and the access quite easy.

Papa Nero: Located next to Agios Ioannis, it is also a well known beach for sure. It combines the green of nature, the blue of the sea and golden sands. Just above there is a fully organized camping. If you like the alternative tourism but and confort too, it is the best choice for you. The access is very easy.

Afissos: Basically Afissos is not a beach, but a cosmopolitan area, with many remarkable beaches for all tastes. Some of the most well known and impressive are Kaliftheri, and Ampovos. For those who search for peaceful holidays, there are Razi and Agio Eythimia. Also the beach of Boufa is there.

Potistika: It is an endless beach with sand, waves, exotic attitude and an easy access. It attracts many tourists in recent years so it is also a well known beach. It is not very organized and the nature here is wild. However there is a beach bar so you will feel comfortable.

Agioi Saranta: A beautiful turquoise beach with golden sand and very easy access. It has a beach bar, but the landscape remains unspoilt and untouched by human intervention. It is located at the Aegean, so very often there are high waves. Be careful.


What to do in Pelion:

Any time of the year in Pelion, there is no possibility to get bored. During summer, visit pristine beaches which were mentioned above. We suggest to you some activities that would be interesting to check on your vacation.

Explore the villages of Pelion: In Pelion there are many beautiful villages with picturesque squares and cobbled streets. Some are ideal for summer excursions and other for winter. Some of the biggests and most popular are Agios Ioannis, Tsagarada, Afissos, Vizitsa, Zagora, Makrinitsa, Milies, Portaria and Hania. In most villages you will find sights and museums worth seeing, and also churches and monasteries of great importance. Finally, during your holidays here, there is a big possibility to meet various festivals and celebrations, so go there and enjoy with the traditional way.

Taste unique local foods: In Pelion there are many traditional foods and sweets you must try. Also you can buy local products from cooperatives in almost every village.

Watersports: In many of the beaches of Pelion you will be able to try watersports. Some of them are Buffa in Afissos, Agios Ioannis and Kastri (ideal for wind serfing because of the many and frequent waves).

Try horse riding: If you love horses in many of the villages of Pelion (for example in Chania) you can try horse riding and many other activities which will bring you closer to the natural spirit.

Hiking in Pelion: The beautiful mountain of Pelion is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Go hiking is something appropriate for this area and the view you will meet is able to make you to forget your stress and everyday problems. You can also explore canyons.

Visit the ski center and enjoy skiing and other activities: The ski resort of Agriolefkes is just 2 km away from the picturesque village of Chania. Here you can try ski and other winter sports or simply you can enjoy your coffee in the chalet heat.

Excursion in Sporades: If you visit Pelion you can grab the opportunity to arrange a daily trip to Sporades. In the village of Platanias for example, there is a boat which will transfer you there.


Where to stay in Pelion:

Pelion offers many options for your stay, from economic to luxury. You can choose from traditional chalets and picturesque guesthouses to villas with all the comforts. It's up to you to pick the right for ideal holidays.

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