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Zagorochoria in Epirus

Zagorochoria in Epirus

Zagorohoria is one of the most beautiful and famous winter destinations in Greece. They are located east of Ioannina in the mountain of Pindos and they are 370 km away from Thessaloniki, so you will need about 5 hours to go there. Basically Zagorohoria are composed of 46 villages which they have together about 3700 inhabitants. They are divided into three areas and connected by small stone bridges. The western, eastern and central Zagori. The whole surrounding area has very intense geological interest. Essentially there are two of the most important national parks of Greece near Zagorohoria, Valia Calda and Aoos river with the gorge of Vikos. It is the ideal destination as there are villages for all tastes, others are calm and others have more life. In all, however, you will be impressed by the spectacular view, the incredible natural environment and the way of life of their inhabitants which is exactly the opposite from the fast pace of nowadays and it will take you back in time.

What to do in Zagorochoria:


  • Make nature activities: In Zagorohoria you can do many nature activities and fill with new experiences. We could say that the whole area is so inextricably linked with the nature which surrounds them that substantially there is no way to leave from there without hiking on one of its beautiful trails. Also, many choose riding and mountain bike as a different approach to their walk in the forest. Finally, the most courageous and athletic can indulge in climbing, rafting, canoeing / kayaking and many more different activities.
  • Visit the gorge of Vikos: When you reach in Zagorochoria, do not forget to visit the gorge of Vikos which is the largest and most picturesque of the gorges of Zagoria and one of the largest worldwide. Definitely it will be a unique experience during your stay there. In order to cross it you would need about five hours.
  • Visit remarkable scenic spots: In Zagorohoria except the gorge of Vikos, there are so many places of natural beauty you will not know which one to visit. So recharge your batteries and try to see as much as possible. Do not forget to go at Kolibithres which is a place located between Mikro and Megalo Papigo, the river of Voidomatis, the lake with the lotus flowers near the village Grevenitis and the Drakolimni of Gamila. Also during your stay and your sightseeing at villages you will pass many bridges which are admirable and they will take you to another time.
  • Visit the most famous villages of Zagoria: All villages in Zagorochoria are gorgeous and whichever you choose will have an unforgettable time. However, before leaving the area do not miss the most historic and picturesque villages there. Visit Mikro and Megalo Papingo which are definitely the most famous and cosmopolitan villages. They are both beautiful, picturesque, with narrow stone streets and breathtaking view. They are located in the western Zagori. Also, visit the village Kipi, another village with many visitors and beautiful places to wander. Monodendri also for many people is a base and is quite developed in tourism while at the same time it is picturesque and close to many interesting places. Finally, do not miss the chance to see Vítsa, one of the most traditional villages in central Zagori.
  • Visit historical sites, landmarks and churches: In many of the villages in Zagorochoria you will encounter great historical monuments, museums and churches of particular architecture. Visit the Folklore museum in Kipi, the Rizarios Exhibition Center in Monodendri, the ancient settlement of Vitsa, the museum of Traditional Occupations in Elafotopo, the Anagnostopoulos Library in Papigo and more. If you want to see some of the most historic churches in the area visit the monastery of Agia Paraskevi in Monodendri dated to 1412 AD, the Virgin Spiliotissa near the banks of Voidomatis and Agios Nikolaos in Tsepelovo.
  • Try traditional dishes: The area is famous for its friendly people and wonderful traditional food which you must try. Try local dairy products made from local residents, their famous pies, wild mushrooms, local meat and sweets. You will also find wine from local producers. When you leave you can get products from cooperatives.
  • Go to festivals and traditional events: Especially in the summer and spring months, but also throughout the year in Zagorochoria they are organized many religious festivals and events. During your stay here you can visit one and enjoy the traditional way of fun.



Where to stay in Zagorohoria:

For a complete experience you can stay in a traditional hotel or xenon in any village you choose. Some of them are very luxurious but still combined with the local aura and picturesque atmosphere. Below we suggest some of the best options:

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