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Sousourada & Sgouros skatzoxiros

Sousourada & Sgouros skatzoxiros

"Gallery Sousourada & Sgouros skatzoxiros"

With over 25 years of presence in the gastronomy scene definitely this restaurant couldn’t be missing from our "best of" list. It's name is "Sousourada & Sgouros skatzoxiros" and is located in Afytos (or Athitos) in Halkidiki. Inspired from the simplicity of the greek cuisine Mr. Nikos Katsanis the owner and Chef of this amazing restaurant creates exceptional flavours based on local products. In this restaurant you could find more than 100 labels of wine, 18 white, 10 rozè and 80 red wines something that is very rare for Halkidiki. What best describes the food is one of phrases that Mr. Katsanis says: "What I don't like you can't find it here. I wouldn't serve my customers something that I don't like my own!". If you decide to spend your summer time in Halkidiki definitely find a day to go to Afytos and taste the unique quality of "Sousourada and Sgouros skatzoxiros".

Tel: 0030 2374 091594


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