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Property in Thessaloniki

Property in Thessaloniki

The property is situated in a very convenient, colorful and vibrant area within walking distance to public transportation and shops.
The building is located in a very convenient area within walking disance to public transportation, seafront, shops, groceries, gym centers, playgrounds, a concert hall and many more. It has easy access to the airport, the ring road, the city center, the university area, international schools, museums, shopping malls and other main parts of the city of Thessaloniki. Everything you will need and more within a 10-15 minute drive. The surrounding area of the building is quiet, sage and very family oriented. You can enjoy walking or other fun outdoor activities every hour of a day.

The building itself is one of the most beautiful buildings in the area, a combination of modernism and classicism. All apartments have been meticulously designed to the very last detail. Every apartment features large living areas, with natural lighting and ventilation in abundance. Top floors of the building offer unobstructed view of the city on every side. You can enjoy a mountain view, a sea view and even the mount Olympus view, the highest mountain in Greece and the home of the Greek gods as in Greek mythology.

The avarage travel time by car and on foot, from the building to various points of interest is:

  • International Airport of Thessaloniki: 13 min drive
  • Thessaloniki Ring Road: 5 min drive
  • Harbour: 23 min drive
  • Intercity Bus Station: 26 min drive
  • Railway Station: 19 min drive
  • Thessaloniki Metropolitan Underground Railway Station (under construction): 8 min walk
  • City bus stop (nearest): 2 min walk
  • Thessaloniki white tower: 12 min drive
  • Castle of Thessaloniki: 18 min drive
  • Aristotelous Square: 16 min drive
  • Thessaloniki International Fair: 12 min drive
  • Thessaloniki Seafront: 7 min drive | 19 min walk
  • Concert Hall of Thessaloniki: 7 min drive | 21 min walk
  • Arch of Galerius: 12 min drive
  • University Campus: 11 min drive
  • American & Anatolia College: 8 min drive
  • German School: 8 min drive
  • Delasalle French College: 18 min drive
  • Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Mall: 11 min drive
  • Leroy Merlin: 10 min drive
  • Balkan Medical Center: 11 min driveIkea: 10 min driveMart C&C:7 min drive

Apartments offered

High standart apartments with living room, kitchen, bath/WC and 3 separate bedrooms.

  1. 2nd floor | Apartment 1 | 88,43 m2 | 250.000 €
  2. 3rd floor | Apartment 1 | 88,43 m2 | 250.000 €
  3. 3rd floor | Apartment 2 | 85,87 m2 | 250.000 €
  4. 3rd floor | Apartment 3 | 89,99 m2 | 250.000 €
  5. 4th floor B | Apartment 1 | 88,43 m2 | 260.000 €
  6. 4th floor B | Apartment 2 | 85,87 m2 | 260.000 €
  7. 4th floor B | Apartment 3 | 89,99 m2 | 260.000 €
  8. 5th floor B | Apartment 1 | 88,43 m2 | 270.000 €
  9. 5th floor B | Apartment 2 | 85,87 m2 | 270.000 €
  10. 5th floor B | Apartment 3 | 89,99 m2 | 270.000 €
  11. 4th floor A | Apartment 1 | 133,35 m2 | 370.000 €
  12. 4th floor A | Apartment 2 | 136,69 m2 | 380.000 €
  13. 5th floor A | Apartment 1 | 133,35 m2 | 380.000 €
  14. 5th floor A | Apartment 2 | 136,69 m2 | 390.000 €

For each apartment the selling price refers to turn-key apartments, completed and furnished on key apartments, completed and furnished on the basis of the chosen photorealistic architectural rendering.

In case the client-investor wants to personally undertake the furnishing of the apartment, he will be credited with the amount of 10.000 €

Extra costs

  • Transfer tax: 3%
  • Processing costs: 15.000 € - 17.000 €
    The processing costs refer to the issuing costs of the Greek residency permit for the investor & 3 family members. The costs include notary and lawyer fees.

Rental Guarantee

For a three-year period, the company guarantees for the 85-90 m2 apartments, the rental of the property for a gross monthly amount of 1.000 € (Gross Monthly Income) which corresponds to an average net monthly amount of 865 € (Net Monthly Income).

For the 133 - 137 m2 apartments the corresponding ammounts to the level of 1.550 € and 1.290 €

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