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Skion Palace Beach Hotel

Skion Palace Beach Hotel

The Skion Palace hotel by the sea, with a huge greenarea ideal for every person, who wants to have a luxury relax.

The search for guests who want something different for their vacation and the ultimate hospitality experience, it reached its destination.

The “Skion Palace” hotel is located in Nea Skioni, by the sea, in the heart of nature amid small verdant hills, sandy beaches with small pebbles and the crystal clear waters.

The rooms Skion Palace have classic furnishings and air conditioning. They are equipped with a TV , mini fridge and a private bathroom.

Buffet or a la carte, the choice is yours. Excellent restaurants in idyllic settings ensure you enjoy exquisite cuisine and the pleasure of dining at a table with a view.

Take advantage of our great hotel offers and make your vacation more affordable to your favorite destination, Nea Skioni Chalkidiki! We are delighted that you have chosen to spend your holidays in Skion Palace Beach Hotel.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]
Tel. number : + 30 23740 71700
Office number (from 10 to 6pm.): + 30 2310810339
Fax: +30 23 10861978

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Map Skion Palace Beach Hotel

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