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Feels Like Home - Villa Thelma

Feels Like Home - Villa Thelma

Four-bedroom villa, on Trani Ammouda beach, a few minutes walk to Ormos Panagias. Book villa Thelma and feel like a local in Sithonia!

Villa Thelma, a freshly & elegantly furnished villa located right next to the white sandy beach of Trani Ammouda offers rare & comfortable accommodation for up to 10 guests. The property is surrounded by garden with trees and sea view from upstairs balconies & is conveniently located next to the taverns & markets of Ormos Panagias!

This very recently renovated villa in Sithonia is ideal for families with young children and large groups of people who are looking for a spacious space to spend their holidays right next to the sea, as the complex has 2 more villas: Louise and Achilles.

Villa Thelma is managed by Feels Like Home, a property management company in Halkidiki dedicated to offering hassle-free holidays to guests in private homes.

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