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Agia Paraskeui Halkidiki

Agia Paraskeui Halkidiki

Information about Agia Paraskeui, Halkidiki

Aghia Paraskevi is a mountain village situated in the forest in the south part of the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra. The village is known for its hot springs which are located about 5 km from it, the Springs of Agia Paraskevi, wherea coastal tourist resort has been developed because of the great arrival of tourists due to their medicinal properties.

In the area there is a modern spa which features swimming pools, individual and group jacuzzi, steam room and saunas. The hot spring water will relax you and will help you if you suffer from skin diseases and arthritis.

For your stay you can choose one room near to the Springs of Agia Paraskevi like Coralli Apartments, Ermioni Apartments or Hotel Aphroditi.


In the mountain village of Agia Paraskevi you will find taverns where you can taste fine wine, ouzo and traditional snacks.

You could say that Aghia Paraskevi is mostly ideal for family holidays and for those who really want to relax from city noise.

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