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Fourka Halkidiki

Fourka Halkidiki

Information about Fourka, Halkidiki

Fourka is a village on the western side of the peninsula of Kassandra and is located 87 km away from the Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki. Skala Fourkas attracts the interest of visitors. It is located at the beach and is about 2 km long. During the summer months, Fourka is full of life as there are many holiday private homes, villas, hotels, and apartments for your stay.

We suggest you stay at the five-star hotel Olympion Sunset or the most economical Hotel Idea which provide high-quality services. You can also consider Mendi Hotel which is located in Kalandra; a close distance to Fourka.


In addition to the main square of Fourka, there are many bars, fish taverns, fast food restaurants, and other types of shops. The fish restaurants in the square will give you the opportunity to taste culinary highlights with fresh fish. One of the more famous bars is the Opal Bar which is visited by young people from all Kassandra to experience the refreshing cocktails and have fun until the morning. During the summer Fourka has many young visitors as it is just 6 km away from the village of Possidi which hosts the student camp of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki.

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