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Olinthos Halkidiki

Olinthos Halkidiki

Information about Olinthos, Halkidiki

Olynthos is an agricultural village located between Kassandra and Sithonia in Halkidiki. It is 75 km away from Thessaloniki and only 25 km away from the capital of Halkidiki, Polygyros. The village currently has 1200 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in agriculture and the cultivation of olive trees.

The village is known, as on the east, in a short distance are located the findings of the excavations of ancient Olynthos. The important city of ancient Olynthos was the most important political, economical and military center of Halkidiki from the 5th to the 3rd BC century. The ancient city was built on two hills. The South and the North. At the place of excavation which is open to visitors, the have been found ancient tombs, ancient coins, and uniquely beautiful mosaics dating to various eras of Greek history.

Olynthos is an area which should be visited by everyone who loves history. You can stay in one of the few accommodations which are available in the village such as Hotel Olynthos.

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