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Paliouri Halkidiki

Paliouri Halkidiki

Information about Paliouri, Halkidiki

Paliouri is a beautiful traditional village south of Pefkohori in Kassandra in Halkidiki. It lies 103 km away from Thessaloniki. The village is not coastal, as it is situated amongst pine clad hills, but in a short distance there is the beautiful beach Chrouso which you should visit during your stay in Halkidiki and is a landmark for young people and families.

For your stay we suggest you to choose one of the hotel complexes in the neighboring Pefkohori. However an excellent choice is Porto Valitsa which is very close to the beach of Paliouri.


During the summer months many people choose Paliouri for an afternoon walk through the narrow streets of the village, for dining and enjoying local meats and fresh fish in the taverns from the area.

The beach of Paliouri, also called Chrouso, is a magnificent bay with crystal clear water. Along the coast there are many beach bars where parties are organised and you can enjoy sports activities such as water sports, beach volley etc.

It is believed that in the area there was the ancient city Theramvos which was mentioned by Herodotus. The ancient city was compelled by force to help Xerxes. Many archaeological findings indicate the existence of this city. Paliouri’s current name comes from the Paliouria which are bushes used by its residents to enclose their homes.

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