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Siviri Halkidiki

Siviri Halkidiki

Information about Siviri, Halkidiki

Siviri is a village in West Kassandra which is 9 km away from Kallithea. It is built amphitheatrically along the sandy shore. During the summer months, like every seaside village in Halkidiki and especially in the first peninsula, Siviri is filled with Greek and foreign tourists who visit the village to swim and dine at seaside taverns. Siviri is known because of the Kassandra Festival which is held every July and August in the large Amphitheater that exists outside the village.

In Siviri you can find many cheap rooms or hotels which can provide you with all the necessary amenities for a memorable family vacation. We suggest you try the excellent By The Sea Apartments and Hotel Argo, which are located a few steps from the beach. The most luxurious accommodation in the region is Elani Bay Resort, located in the settlement of Elani. It is a beautiful place hidden among the pine trees where modern houses and villas exist.


In Siviri there is a big supermarket for your daily needs: beach bars, cafes and fish taverns with fresh fish. The center of Siviri, in contrast with the center of Elani, is not considered among the top destinations in Halkidiki, as there is a small marsh which crosses the village and ends at the beach. For this reason, there are a lot of mosquitoes during the summer months. However, the water on the sandy beach of Siviri is shallow. There are many beach bars, such as the Ammos beach bar, where you can relax, sunbathe, play ping pong, play beach volleyball, and have a fun time.

If you have a vehicle, we suggest that you visit Fourka Possidi or the beach in Mola Kaliva since the distances are short.

Kassandra Festival takes place in the Amphitheater of Kassandra along with Sani Festival, one of the most famous art festivals to take place in Halkidiki. Famous Greek and foreign singers, actors and musicians organize performances under the summer moonlight. You can find more information about the Festival of Kassandra at

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