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Arnaia Halkidiki

Arnaia Halkidiki

Information about Arnaia, Halkidiki

Arnaia is a traditional small town which was built at the Holomontas mountain at an altitude of 600 meters. It is located 70 km away from Thessaloniki and 38 km from Polygyros. Beautiful houses and buildings remain intact and consist of distinctive traditional Macedonian architecture. Therefore, Arnea is characterized by the Ministry of Culture a "Historical place" and "Traditional Settlement." A walk through the narrow cobbled streets will be a unique experience. On your walk, you will see The Mansion of Arnaia which nowadays hosts the Historical and Folklore Museum. The old school built in 1872 next to the church of St. Stephen.

Arnaia attracts tourists during the whole year because of its beautiful forests. Many visitors choose agrotourism as they walk the trails through the lush green mountains and enjoy nature and fresh air. During the summer, Arnaia is an ideal destination for an afternoon walk or a meal in the traditional taverns of the central square. In a distance of 15 km from Arnea are located Stagira, the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle. In this place, there is the park of Aristotle which is worth a visit by you and your children.

For your stay in Arnaía, select one of the mansions that function as guest houses, like "House Mitsiou Guesthouse" which will impress you with its architecture. Another option is the Green Village, a stone-built accommodation with a restaurant and bar.


Additionally, Arnea has a cultural tradition of education and Byzantine music, weaving, and bee-keeping. During the summer guests can enjoy a large number of festivals and traditional events.

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